Monday, February 06, 2006


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone..i hope its not too late for me to wish u guys that..
and happy belated bday to elly..hope all ur wishes come true dear.

anyways, life in kl was hectic..
i worked as a parttimer at tns..
everyone there told me that i gained weight!i noticed that..hihih..
i worked extra hours there..lots of over time..kechiing!

now, life back in mmu with new trimester to go through..
went to class this evening..mdp class was something about drawing figures character..
mpm class, need to do a video clip..that is something interesting, dun ya think? hmm..

i still feel tired, maybe because of the work stress konon...
but anyway, i enjoyed least, i know how much a ringgit worth.
because of my class only for 4 days a week, i planned to work on friday, saturday and sunday.if i make rm40 a day, i got rm120 a week, and that wud make it rm480 a month..
its just that, i dun wanna ask money from babah nemore for my project or assignments..

uh, btw, we just moved in to a new home..
its near nikki's school..
i am excited..

and i'm gonna watch PGL musical theatre on 18th for those who havent got the tix yet,hurry..seats are fast selling out..

and gonna get my full license on 16th feb...

gpa for last trimester was good...
increasing my cgpa pointer..
thank god.

and i luv him..
so so much..

*check out kak jija's engagement photos

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