Friday, February 17, 2006


to an end!!
i haven't eat carbo that much like i used to nemore..
i barely eat nasi..once a week of nasi.
so, im looking forward to join clasess like kickboxing or dancing etc.

elly is going back to batu pahat today...and vi's going to kl.
and im going back to kl as be precise, shamelin..huhuhu..
the house is okay.
its comfortable for the 4 of them excluding nanim and i who are barely home.its still comfortable when we got back..

and i just got my full license everyone..

uh, and tomorrow we gonna see pgl the musical at istana budaya..
and we got another 4 free tix the next day..which is cool because we're already got 4 free tix last weekend..yay..we thought of selling it but we'll see.

and valentine's day was as usual as it is for me..
when i was single & available,i always want a nice and sweet and memorable valentine. but now, i dun feel the same thing nemore..i feel that i dun want to cherish my love on that particular one day as everyone does.
i want to cherish it that everyday cud be special for me..

assignments getting tougher and interesting.
sculptures, 3d animation, 80 pages of figure scatching, video clip and website. there.

and, and....tomorrow is beedees/triumph annual sale!!!

so, enjoy ur weekend everyone!i know i'll enjoy mine.. :D


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