Monday, February 20, 2006


Bravo, Great, Excellent, Perfect, Amazing!
i was taken away for the 4 hours show by puteri gunung ledang the musical at istana puteri gunung ledang..
the set, the costumes, the choreograph, the singing, the acting, the expression, the dedication and commitment were all shown on the stage.
every little character looks alive and real and so i have to say perfect!
they acted as if they were not acting..gedid?

neweys, PGLM deserves a continuesly applause from the audience and standing ovation. i was amaze by this one actor whom before i never acknowledge his talent during his gerak khas days and some so called movies.Ac Mizal has proven to most of the audience that he do has talent..and i absolutely agree.
the theatre had change many audience perspective who went there to see what is so special about it esp for those who never watched theatre before.
PGLM has succesfully make audience leave with smiles on their faces and twinkles in their eyes.
the tix were all sold out, but they extend a day show for those who missed the previous shows.check out the istana budaya website for further information.


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