Wednesday, March 22, 2006


i was in a bus with a bunch of the bus were also dayang nurfaizah and anuar zain..they were sitting next to each other.i was standing in front.
the bus stopped, and dayang went off.
suddenly, anuar looked at me and offer me the sit next to him. i was delighted, of course! and so i sat next to him, giggling inside, feeling so lucky that i actually sitting next to someone i really fallen to.
we chatted and suddenly i feel someone rubbing my hand slowly..i thought it was him... :D
i smiled and i feel the hand was soft, and my name was called.
i opened my eyes, it was vi there, waking me up! was a dream..
"tak pegi kelas ke?" vi asked as i opened my eyes
"petang karang presentation, tak dek klas pagi ni",i answered
"hah? ye ke?? abih tak dek klas ke,"she asked me again
"tak...,"i said, closing my eyes..
poor vi that she had to go back to her room, dh siap siap dh tu, dgn lip gloss nyer..hihihi..

elly forgot to tell her that today morning tutorial was cancelled due to presentation in the evening.

anyways, i had a little dissapointment with the guys, they couldn't finished the animetic presentation on time.its either we present tomorrow morning, or lose the 5% mark.

on the other hand, im trying to figure out of the sculpture design i suppose to do for mdp final project.the subject matter i choose is fern leaves.
i had a few design i drew, but its not good enough i guess.

so i u guys could help me out, let me know..appreciate it!


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