Tuesday, March 14, 2006


i can't believe that zima actually a wife now!
its just hit me that she's married..zima was a very cheerful person, a very responsible friend i've ever known and great person to hang out!
she used to bring us nasi lemak during school times for our lunch..(her mom sale nasi lemak back then) the best nasi lemak i've ever taste! we even asked a plastic of sambal along with our nasi lemak.

neweys, zima used to be the ketua kebersihan back in class..
she was an excellent ketua kebersihan!hahahha...i always got exception for sweeping the floor, as i had asthma (even until now!). so she put in charge on the classroom tables, make sure they straight in line and all..

i had an unexpected corrupted file for my assignment a day before her wedding. if she isn't my best friend, i would have give second thought on attending the wedding but, i didn't.
the wedding means the most to her, and i didn't want to miss it.
to zima, congratulations dear! i am so happy for u!

"..kepada sahabat handai saya yang saya kenali dari kecil, terima kasih kerana sudi datang memeriahkan majlis saya ini.." -zima did a little speech for us during makan beradab.it was really touching i tell ya!


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