Tuesday, April 04, 2006


have u guys ever notice that, there is time when u started to get close to sumone new, its like everywhere u go there's them, u get too much out of them.u feel like u wanna puke, or running naked in the hall, or screaming just to let people know that ur actually suffering.
especially when they are so much pain in the ass!
u feel annoyed on things that they say or actions they taken.
they just talk like they don't care less about ur feeling.
u look at them, and u finally realize that they think they great..mcm bagus!

u are so annoyed by them , that when they talk, u actually put on the headphone and listens to Moby instead.
u can't even stand the sight of them, but, still the next day u have to spend another one whole day with them,like it or not.

they not actually 24/7 pain in the ass, sumtimes they are..and when they are, u wish u never want to know them all along. haihh...

when they are behaving like that, u feel they absorb all the energy in you that left you speechless and tired and angry.
you feel like you wanna slap them right on the face so hard, that you think it will make them painless to you.

shits happen sometime...and i feel so annoyed and angry when it happen to me!