Monday, May 22, 2006


hello guys..sorry that i haven't post anything for a long time..i was super duper buzy with course work..

there's so many things i did for this semester..shooting for video clip,a web portal, two pieces of illustration board size self potrait, a 12 inch sculpture, an A2 size or research book, an A4 size of skething book with i can only made for 50 pages je..
as for sculpture, im glad that mine was finally being put on the guys have no idea wat the table means proudness...hahahhah
mine and ellys...we made it to the table..haha...

everything was impossible at first, but i made it anyways..yayy..
i had fun doing all the final projects, although it was really really stressful at first.

i gained weight, acne on my face, mentally down and tired..dats we ate...we ate and ate..until we gained weight..hahah...

my friends help me a lot..esp those who close to guys know who you are..
we gonna lives our separate ways afterwards..doing our majoring..its like, we're not gonna be together anymore,too bad..we gonna be really really busy..
i hope we'll fine time for us. hmmm...

i had finished my sophomore year..let me take the second year by storm..hahahha..
im looking forward..really..

ill see you guys soon..MMU the best! muuahhhh....

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