Monday, May 22, 2006


a good fren said, "kalau tgh sedeh, sume lagu sedeh masuk dlm jiwa kalbu"..i think its true..

kenape kan, perlu ada perpisahan, setelah terjadinya pertemuan..kenape perlu ada kesakitan, setelah kita merasa kebahagiaan, kenape kan perlu kita mengalir kan air mata, setelah kita sebelum ini tak pernah terasa untuk menangis.
its not that i feel bored, neither feeling fact, the feeling is still there.
kalau nak ditunding jari, sape yang bersalah sebenarnya, it is me.
i ended it.i hurt someone's heart..i'm not proud of what i've done..i feel sad..but i need to do it.

dia tanye,"kalau dah tau begitu, kenape perlu mulakan?" i was speechless..i have no answer for that. i looked away.

as much as what he felt, that much i stumbled for hurting him.
i apologize so many times..i didn't mean to hurt him..

for so many reasons...

it may be over, but i still care.
i know, i'm doing the right thing..

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