Thursday, June 22, 2006


sometimes i do wonder, am i not capable of doing the job done like anyone elses did perfectly.
whatever i did, its not excellent, some may say...although i've pour all my effort and sweats in it.
hence, my result for this semester is unbelivably poor. i've done the best i could..i knew it..but still, it required more from the best i could give.i'm helplessly helpless.

i am devastated.

goin on as the second year student here in mmu is such an honour for me as i don't have any paper to repeat, or to extend...thank God so much.
the four of us are now in our separate majoring, whereby we are not in the same class anymore as we used to be in our sophomore year.
we are not in the same hostel room or block anymore..i'm here, and they there.
but still..we manage to get our lunch together right after our afternoon class..

i went to my first MI class yesterday..
the crowd was energetic.
the lecturers were eager.
and i, lost in time..then, i came back to reality that, i need to mix with new people..with new atmosphere and enviroment..i need to stand out from the rest.
it is not easy i know, but i'll try..

but yet, what makes this life interesting again is, the new things that i'm gonna explore and experience in this new environment.

until i'll write about my new student life, take care my dear readers, my passionate friends and my lovely family


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