Monday, July 24, 2006

mati itu benar

in a blink of an eye, i had to face the fact that i would never see him again in this world.
my dear friend, amin, passed away yesterday due to car accident.
amin was not a friend whom i said only hello and bye.he was a friend that i have memories with, a good friend.
i only know him for a year, when i first went to the mmusic AGM.
he was sweet.
but within that one year, i found that he's a great buddy,a charmer, a kind person who would willing to help friends in trouble.
we chatted, and to my surprised, we were both went to the same primary school and even lived in the same area.

yesterday evening,it was gloomy..
as if the skies knew how we felt..
the rain drizzling onto his grave, we said our doa for him.
it was a great lost, to most of the fcm student here...
still things happen for reasons.
Allah loves him more than us here.



an entry i had on him back then, ida convo entry

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