Thursday, November 23, 2006

me and tengku azura during KL Fashion Week (behind the stage)


yup, doesn't.
frankly speaking, I'm kinda in tight budget right now or in other easy word, sengkek.
yeah, i guess i could just ask some from some of my 'mobile bank'..hihi...but, for my own sake and for the precious experience that i might need to refer when i'll live on my own, i choose not to.

when budget is restricted, sure everything would be restricted as well. like things that i tempted to buy. the sandal that i saw at the mall was really great..the simplicity and sleek design caught my eyes..hihih..i tried it on like thrice, not included this evening when i went there again. :P
what else, the new arrival shirt at MNG, just hanging there, waving at me..

like i said, i need to get rid of my desire of having some unnecessary things.

i felt satisfied and glad that i did this.
i went to Ipod's website and to my surprise the starting price is at RM600.another big temptations..and this one is on my wish list ever since it made it first debut in Malaysia.
i guess im gonna save some money for it..yeah, some girls cant really have what they want in a blink of eyes. but say no more to worries, saving is the answer.
i surely will get the pink one! matching my pink V Motorola.

uh, and i also check out the yoga mat.
Tesco: RM36.00 (if im not mistaken)
Watson: RM29.90 (the cashier told me)
Fitness Centre: RM 49.90 (thin mat) and RM79.90(thick mat, they got this in pink!)
there's one more store i need to check on that i heard offer the best price (most importantly affordable) of all.

yeah, i enroll into yoga class.
last monday.
we went to the first class (the class had already start last week)
oh, me and ida are the we.
it was ok lah. not bad..i hurt my waist, thigh and hips though (the ultimate cellulite place)
but, at least im taking a step to gain a healthy body.

i used to jog every weekend.
degree stuff makes me busy.
its not that i didn't try to go for some jog here in mmu..i did go with couple of friends..
but i was so busy with work loads.

till i post again.
take care everyone.
eat right.


P/S: happy bday to IRA!!! luv u girl!
and to apa odo!! happy bday girls!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006



here's a post, to cheer my dear friend, Arfah, who was just turn to be Mrs Pet!! congratulation to both of u!

if i were to talk about Arfah, there are more of laughter's than tears.
she was my senior at MMU.
the first time i met her, she gave me her famous smile..hahhaha..
Yana, who is her best friend was the new roommate to Ida and Vi, she moved in around second trimester last year.

like best friend would do, Arfah and Yana were always lepaking together..Arfah would come to Yana's room to chit chat and gossiping..uh, Arfah had this one website which she is the registered member, a website dedicated for all the gossips and rumours or what not in the Malaysia entertainment industry.. she's so loyal to the website for updates everyday!

then one day, as i entered the room, i saw Arfah's PC at the corner of Ida's wardrobe.
then the next day, she was sitting there doing her work, and the same picture goes on every time i entered the room.turn out to be, the network cable in her room wasn't functioning. therefore, Arfah was the unofficial fourth roommate in the room!

there would be always witty jokes, or silly movement she did..Ida called her Paris.
Paris Hilton
. judging from her slim figure, she can be one..except that Arfah character is so not Paris. Arfah got a ladylike mix tomboyish personality..know what i mean?

then there was Pet @Petto.
the prince charming that had steal her heart away.
well actually, they were engaged while Arfah was still in MMU (she graduated recently, before her wedding).
i met Pet for the first time during our traditional semester break dinner.

I'm glad that i made it to their wedding day at Alor Star.
it was a long journey and tiring, but it was worth it.
Ida and i were smiling and laughing as we saw Arfah berarak to go to the dining hall, holding the bouquet of was weird to see her in wedding she passed by with, she said "apasal korang gelak?!"..
it was hilarious..

to know Arfah as a good friend, is a bless for me.
may they have a blissful marriage, semoga berbahagia ke akhir ayat (as ida had suggested the last two words!).


Friday, November 10, 2006


hey guys...check out my new lamps..
its pink, and its round..its small and its cute..
i just got it last night.
comel kan?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya part Two

hmm..i thought i wanna share with you guys some of my pictures during the open house my friends did..

it has been like..what..6 years since we left high school..and we have been busy little bees since then..hihihi..
some of us have married with kids, some have working already, and some are still studying like me.
so, only at this time, we could have time together, to meet after a long while..
if i were to ask to list down their names, it would be a long list..

i'm glad i know them, and i'm glad that we are great friends..

owh, this coming weekend,a friend of ours will get Nadia..congratulation..semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


assalamualaikum, selamat hari raya to readers.
hope u guys hav a blast this raya...

my raya...hmm...not really in the mood or i might say tak beraya sangat.
the first day of raya, nikki wasnt feel well, he got chest infection due to the haze..poor little guy...we went to shah alam (uwan was there) that night, after nikki got his good rest and medicine.
the next day , it was just another day with rendang and lemang in the kitchen..i swear that i didnt feel like raya when i thought i woke up for another usual day, when i turned on the tv and watch so many raya tv programme, then it hit me that its the second day of raya..hahahah..

neweys, on the 4th of raya, we received sad news, abang ai passed away due to cancer.abang ai was my cousin...he used to come to my house every raya to see my dad (his pak teh) and us.he left 3 children and his wife...well, i guess that's why i was not in the mood at the first place..
7 years ago, abang ai's sister (arwahyarhamah kak yan) passed away due to breast cancer.

we went to the funeral at saujana impian.
he passed away on friday morning,in between of subuh pray.
that night, me and my family attend the tahlil, and went on for the next 2 days.
it must be hard for the children..

the eldest is 18,
the middle is 16,
the youngest is 10..
i saw them cried..i saw the youngest cried so hard..i saw his daughter kissed abang ai's forehead for the last farewell, but broke down with tears, she had to hold back her tears to kiss her last goodbye.. i saw kak shima (his wife), shattered, with no tears left..

mak ngah (his mother) sitting, beristighfar...she went through the same moment 7 years ago, and now she had to go through it again of losing a child. its not anyone faults, its not the doctors fault for not giving him the best of what he should have,its not his fault for not checking the cancer earlier, its not the mothers fault for carrying him to the world, its qadaq and qadar.

Allah the Almighty, Allah loves him more than us, his family.
let him be with Allah.