Thursday, November 23, 2006

me and tengku azura during KL Fashion Week (behind the stage)


yup, doesn't.
frankly speaking, I'm kinda in tight budget right now or in other easy word, sengkek.
yeah, i guess i could just ask some from some of my 'mobile bank'..hihi...but, for my own sake and for the precious experience that i might need to refer when i'll live on my own, i choose not to.

when budget is restricted, sure everything would be restricted as well. like things that i tempted to buy. the sandal that i saw at the mall was really great..the simplicity and sleek design caught my eyes..hihih..i tried it on like thrice, not included this evening when i went there again. :P
what else, the new arrival shirt at MNG, just hanging there, waving at me..

like i said, i need to get rid of my desire of having some unnecessary things.

i felt satisfied and glad that i did this.
i went to Ipod's website and to my surprise the starting price is at RM600.another big temptations..and this one is on my wish list ever since it made it first debut in Malaysia.
i guess im gonna save some money for it..yeah, some girls cant really have what they want in a blink of eyes. but say no more to worries, saving is the answer.
i surely will get the pink one! matching my pink V Motorola.

uh, and i also check out the yoga mat.
Tesco: RM36.00 (if im not mistaken)
Watson: RM29.90 (the cashier told me)
Fitness Centre: RM 49.90 (thin mat) and RM79.90(thick mat, they got this in pink!)
there's one more store i need to check on that i heard offer the best price (most importantly affordable) of all.

yeah, i enroll into yoga class.
last monday.
we went to the first class (the class had already start last week)
oh, me and ida are the we.
it was ok lah. not bad..i hurt my waist, thigh and hips though (the ultimate cellulite place)
but, at least im taking a step to gain a healthy body.

i used to jog every weekend.
degree stuff makes me busy.
its not that i didn't try to go for some jog here in mmu..i did go with couple of friends..
but i was so busy with work loads.

till i post again.
take care everyone.
eat right.


P/S: happy bday to IRA!!! luv u girl!
and to apa odo!! happy bday girls!!

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