Tuesday, November 21, 2006



here's a post, to cheer my dear friend, Arfah, who was just turn to be Mrs Pet!! congratulation to both of u!

if i were to talk about Arfah, there are more of laughter's than tears.
she was my senior at MMU.
the first time i met her, she gave me her famous smile..hahhaha..
Yana, who is her best friend was the new roommate to Ida and Vi, she moved in around second trimester last year.

like best friend would do, Arfah and Yana were always lepaking together..Arfah would come to Yana's room to chit chat and gossiping..uh, Arfah had this one website which she is the registered member, a website dedicated for all the gossips and rumours or what not in the Malaysia entertainment industry.. she's so loyal to the website for updates everyday!

then one day, as i entered the room, i saw Arfah's PC at the corner of Ida's wardrobe.
then the next day, she was sitting there doing her work, and the same picture goes on every time i entered the room.turn out to be, the network cable in her room wasn't functioning. therefore, Arfah was the unofficial fourth roommate in the room!

there would be always witty jokes, or silly movement she did..Ida called her Paris.
Paris Hilton
. judging from her slim figure, she can be one..except that Arfah character is so not Paris. Arfah got a ladylike mix tomboyish personality..know what i mean?

then there was Pet @Petto.
the prince charming that had steal her heart away.
well actually, they were engaged while Arfah was still in MMU (she graduated recently, before her wedding).
i met Pet for the first time during our traditional semester break dinner.

I'm glad that i made it to their wedding day at Alor Star.
it was a long journey and tiring, but it was worth it.
Ida and i were smiling and laughing as we saw Arfah berarak to go to the dining hall, holding the bouquet of flower..it was weird to see her in wedding dress..as she passed by with, she said "apasal korang gelak?!"..
it was hilarious..

to know Arfah as a good friend, is a bless for me.
may they have a blissful marriage, semoga berbahagia ke akhir ayat (as ida had suggested the last two words!).


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