Sunday, December 10, 2006

cinta antara batu dan rumput


a story that brings you the meaning of cinta.
cinta towards the one you loved, dearly, and you hold close to your may need sacrifice, to survive in cinta.

well, the editing was nice, the cinematography is great and the story line is somehow, interesting.
it worth my rm8 ticket and the coldness of the cinema. i like that movie..

as me and a friend were sinking in the movie, scene by scene, there was the 'thing you must not do in cinema' happen behind me..the girl, (thinking she's a smart ass) was telling her 'story' of cinta to her friend..that was the most annoying stuff, that i really hate in the cinema..i paid rm8 to watch the movie on the big screen, not to hear some smart ass ruining the story by telling what will happen next and next and next...urghhh..
well, that is one thing, what about those who keep kicking your seat from the back, with the intention of what?," sorry..tak sengaja???", and those who half an hour late and the seats happen to be right in the center of the cinema...

i mean, come on many times, people all around you need to say this out loud in their blogs.

you wouldn't want us to do the same to you , right.


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