Tuesday, December 12, 2006

katak berpikir.."apa nak makan ari ni"


it is..the money somehow hanging around the corner, until the right time when your client, your daddy, or your kind sister :P, bank in it to your account..
see guys, i have like RM13 right now in my pocket..
i was sleeping when maksu called me to ask for my maybank account number..she's paying me for the photography job i did for her and mak teh, the wedding, and the fashion show..
it really help me out as i have so many things to pay, the printing and what not, are quiet costly.

let alone, im entering a photography competition and had just sent the photos for development at fujifilm.it cost me like around 60 bucks...so, the money that maksu just bank in to me is so much useful..
well, i guess better use your paycheck towards things that you are totally know where it goes, rather than it reduce little by little in your account, without you realizing it.
hmm...the loreal/myc is not yet to pay us for our consolation prize.. by the way, i didn't win for the loreal competition.. :(
and im gonna earn some money this weekend for a photography job.
money, money, money...that is my concern..hahhaha..

uh, and i'm gonna be super duper buzy this whole week as i have submission next week on friday..
in the meantime, do pray for me for the photography competition...its a cash prize to be win.. :P
click here to see the pictures i choose for the competition..its a flora photo contest.i know there will be a lot of better and great pictures up to compete, but tuah orang, siapa yang tahu..hihii..

until then, please eat right, exercise regularly,
and drink plenty of water..
take care folks!


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