Thursday, December 07, 2006

my present for nikki: a picture i took during our visit to malacca..

happy bday


nikki..hmm..cepat betul dia besar..
felt just like yesterday when i changed his diaper..
and last week, he turned 11 already..
nikki, my little brother..the last in the siblings...

being name as Muhamad Naufal Nasrullah bin Hamdan..yeah..quite long eh?
so we called him Nikki...not really sure where nikki come from, but i guess it was somehow after my uncle whom we called Acik

nikki is a great kid..he's a bit annoying every now and then (well, that's what kids do when they started to whining and all) but he's mature than his age i might say.
growing up with all grown ups in the family might more or less effect the way he thinks, speaks and behave.
but yeah..he still a kid..playing the game, watching the kids weekend tv programme until 12pm, need to be nagged all the time..hahhaha...

owh yeah, did i mention he's a star?
hahha...maybe not to everyone, but he is our star.
nikki played the role of Raja Ahmad (the Sultan's son) in the great epic movie PGL, and he did quiet number of commercials.. i still remember the day he first got scouted by the talent scout..i was walking with him from Toycity in KLCC. we were supposed to meet mama at parkson when these 2 talent scout stopped us...
they then introduced themself, and i swear i thought they were scouting me on their first introduction, ...hahhaha...then suddenly they started to ask how old was nikki, had he did any commercial and what not..
after talking and discussing with my family, we decided that it was a good oppurtunity for is.. starting from there, nikki had never looked back... and so do us..
we are proud of him..we do..

by the way, if you guys might catch his commercial sumtime during the one in a million season, he was the boy with the father who were playing game on the computer...

to nikki (si somel kakak!)
i luv u so much..i wish u the best in the years ahead and i will always be here for you..count on me!
happy birthday adik!


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