Friday, January 05, 2007

lovely mama


hey everyone...
so, my second trimester for gamma is done.
i've submitted all my projects, which required me of living hell..aggaga..
although, i love every minute of it...hmm..

there's one more exam paper to be sit this sunday, lcc - creative communication.
wish me the best ya..

tomorrow is the girls's bday..a high tea at concorde i think..what to get them..those little kids grow up so nikki is..
uuhhh i miss the little nikki..the toddler nikki..the baby nikki...i miss nikki want to keep his hair looks like abang, he don't even play with hot wheels anymore, he played the computer games, do a lot of reading that he could debate on any political topic even, he don't want to be seen me or mama kiss him in the public..OMG little peanut is growing up..

hihi..yeah..i used to call him peanut..comel kan.. :)

hmm..anyways, 2006 leave me a lot of memory and make me wiser..
i lost a friend..a good friend last year..alfatihah..

i miss vi also.. i miss her so much..
its like, my life doesnt complete without her presence..
oh well, ada rezeki, i will see her again.

so anyways, during this semester break, i was thinking to get a job at starbuck cafe in tmn maluri..if not, i guess ill be starting my photography thingy..

that's all the update for now..
ill be in touch anytime sooner..or maybe when i get back in the 3rd trimester..which is in 3 weeks more or so..igiig..
until then, eat right, exercise regularly, and have a nice weekend..
to all my mmu friends, have a good holiday otey..we all need a good new energy to kick some assignments butt next semester!!
hahah...assignment ada butt ke?



Monday, January 01, 2007


dearest everyone,
hope you will have the most and the greatest in everything you'll do this year..
hope that 2007 will give you its most generous time..
hope you'll find and achieve your dream this year...
hopefully everything will be good, will be sweet, will be memorable...
yes..hopefully yes...