Thursday, February 22, 2007


1. DSLR Nikon D-50/D70

2. Ipod Nano (preferably in pink)

3. LCD Monitor (prefereably 19inch)

4. Guess watch

5. Skin Swatch

6. The pink swivel chair from Ikea

7. Tops from MNG or NafNaf or Guess or Zara

8. Just simple Tops from anywhere that is affordable to you! *teehee*

9. The small handbag from the knitted bag collection (see previous post)

10. A good surround sound PC speaker

11. Bedsheet set from Aussino (most preferably sumthin pink)

12. External hardisk

thats all for the time being, i'll add up later if i missed anything..remember, its on 8th April..muahahhahaha..


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