Thursday, February 08, 2007


hey peeps..its good to be back in mmu..all new exciting things stores for us..

i've come across this blog where she actually sell some of her unwanted clothes, perfumes, bags, make up etcetera..
its a very nice, girlish pinkish blog ..its an interesting blog.

anyways, i've been eying some stuff over last year..which one of them is the ipod nano..turn out to be, a colleague of mine went to china last month. she said the gadgets there are so cheap..she bought her gf an ipod 4gb for rm250. who wouldn't want that!
i already told her to save a space for my ipod..uuuu..i cant wait..she's goin back this march..
ask everyone around me how much i love ipod..too much!
and i luv this evil pink phone too!!
oh my god...its so so me..i know i already got my pink V-series motorola but this one is so tempting...take a good look at it..

doesn't these two match together?plus its a sony...
before i changed to motorola V, i used Sony and its really user friendly in terms of navigations. i never knew they would come out with that slick look phone and most importantly its pink!
if i ever knew, my wish list would have been that thing up there! hihihih...

anyways, i really want this chair from ikea..its pink too! the price now is RM70+ ..if im not mistaken it was around RM90+ before..

but nanim told me that i wouldn't want that as i already have this one but mine has english floral design on it..a mix of pink+off white+ greenish colour..
the pink chair also come with this type...Snille Visitor Chair..the one up there is Snille Swivel Chair..and this visitor chair is much cheaper that is RM45..
i really want to listen to nanim about how to manage my money,buy only things that i need not what i want.. but i really like the swivel chair..should i or should i not..or perhaps i should get this visitor chair as i already have the swivel type..rite rite?


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