Sunday, February 25, 2007

mungkin kah pakcik ni pernah menyertai band yg hebat seperti muse satu kala dulu??

UPGRADE to 80GB..Muse is tomorrow..wuhuuuu

yes yes..don't scream for those of you who once think im not gonna make it to actually own an external hard disk..its 80gb ok..aku ni celik IT gak..muahahhah..i just bought it yesterday.
the price is consider affordable.bought it at rm215.

my c always full everytime i wanna download stuff esp movies..that wat makes me think of buying an external one. its cool kan? hihihi.. a proud owner of my baby hard disk.

hmm..wat else..

tadi pagi tak makan.
mkn brunch tapi da petang da makan tuh at kyros kebab.i had spaghetti and he had kebab.
then pegi amik screw firewire card that i purchased along wif the hard disk at the kedai..too excited, i forgot to put back the screw in the box.
after that i bought some toiletries at watson.
then head back to hostel.
we said, bubye , see ya, later.

and tomorrow is the biggest day!
mcm tak percaya je..the first day i falling in luv with absolution album. yeah i know ramai yg ckp we (fans who knew Muse by absolution album) are not real.
Muse have been around for quite sometime, but i guess absolution tu yang masuk mainstream kot. tak salahkan.
at least ramai yg skrang da realize how good they are.

ticket Muse di e-bay sedang di bid2x dgn begitu hebat skali.
dari rm120 naik 2, 3 kali ganda..gile hebat!
but, kalo kita bid, izit riba? or its just simply a legal way of making extra pocket money?
3 friends of mine has canceled to go to the concert.
so they sell their tickets too.
but they sell it based on purchased price.

now, Muse fans, lets rock the stadium and have some fun tomorrow nite!


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