Tuesday, February 13, 2007


so, wats the deal with that song?
they said because of the lyric and the title itself pretty much like "lirik lucah"
tapi kate the fabolous Cat...cewah...cun nama...the song is about married couple that ended up divorce with kids terkontang kanting and all..

"Mama…napa papa jahat..
Napa papa nakal sangat
Papa..papa..napa papa ligat..
Ku tahu papa penat…"

the song is catchy though..its good to have these kind of creative people in our industry..

anyways, i should be buying the pink chair as i post on previously...instead, i bought a pink comic design bedsheet+quilt+pillowcase from Aussino for only rm99...igiigigig...i luv it!

i'll update the picture later as i cant transfer the pictures in my phone to my pc..
went out with faten, eli n fiza that day...
we ended up shopping!

assignments dah banyak dah...
hmm..tak cuti lah nampaknya next week..cuti?? cuti tu ape??
ahahhaha...assignments in line are TVC (TV Commercial..yes people, shooting for a commercial), Audio Design (we have to compose a song or something), E-commerce (im incharge of the big proposal book!! yayy!!)...
best kan..agagga..tak tido mlm lagi...yayyy!!!

including this week, i have missed 3 of my yoga class..i havent technically registered in the class yet but is going to..maybe next week..

owh well..i need a half an hour nap before my 2pm class this evening..

in the meantime, eat right guys..


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