Thursday, February 22, 2007


today is thursday and its already the sixth day of our midterm break..
tapi tak de maknenye mid term break for me...ugagagaga...

today, we gonna start shooting for the commercial..we decided to do the clothes advert..

today, hmm wat else is today...

ha...yesterday, went to alamanda...
and guess what, i got this knitted bag at this one shop which i oredi forget the name..well, in this case, forget the brand, go for the attraction and vibration that the bag gave to you the first time you lay eyes on grey (not pink ye) and it looks rugged and has this 3 funky balls on the zipper..
neweys, its really a good bargain as i got it on 70% discount..
from side

up close on the material...uuuuu

the handle...remind me of guess...agagag..

yesterday, i ate this yummy hi fiber cream cheese at secret recipe..there have this new health cakes selection..i tasted the sugar free moist chocolate before, but i didn't like it at all..

owh,eli told me to put on a wish list for my bday in april..isnt like way too early to do it? *wink wink*
ill post it after this post..
so for you guys who consider yourself as my friends, or just someone who accidently read the next entry, do consider of my wish list..hahhahaha...

wait for the wish list guys...


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