Friday, April 20, 2007

sangat besh!!

nitrus's front man(without cap) sangat somelll!! i like....

angle dari bawah pentas, sambil duduk ye aku amik shot ni..kami tak dibenarkan berdiri bersuka ria..hanya dibenarkan duduk bersuke ria..uwaaa


it was a cold nite..we walk down the street, going to the grand was my first time entering the grand hall..
hell yeh its grand..really grand...
its so big that you can do a wedding reception could even invite all the VIPs..its really grand i tell ya..with the tiang roman is indeed a grand hall...

i saw familiar faces as the crew..of course lah most of them are my fcmers..tapi amir pun ada???ken juga?? waaaa..sangat bagus nye ...jadi crew...amir sangat bengis pada malam itu..aku pun tak tau kenape..mungkin nk mendalami watak character sebagai bonzer..hehheheeh...ken pulak..ok je kot..tapi siut tak nampak aku dok depan depan tepi speaker naik pekak telinga aku daa..muahhaha..

the event started with K.
yeh K...the big man behind GEMA.
he sang couple of songs, tribute to our good friend, yang telah pergi meninggalkan kite, Allahyarham Amin.
it was really a sad, touching moment..i cried when they show his pictures...he was a very nice and a good friend..
we all truly miss him.
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat, aminnn...

the contestant were all great..but some were skidded or in bahasa melayunye, terkucil, but, tu laa..derang gemuruh kot..if i were on stage..i think i couldn't even sing..heheh...
nanie won 3rd place..congrats dear!

tapi yang tak syoknye, ktrg yg orang biasa biasa ni tak bule amik gambar ke depan..kene lah duduk kat tmpt masing masing..
abih tu sume la gambar aku satu angle je..wakakak..tapi cm nyirap gak kan, geram aku tgk crew GEMA naik turun pentas...ambik dpn muke lagi gambar, photographer media sume ..waaa..senang eh hati diorang..takde gangguan amateur..takpe..itulah akibatnye aku tak active berevent..dulu mase time skolah, akulah number satu cikgu cari kalo ade event..tapi skrang ni, kasik chance la kat budak budak lain..hahhaha..

before the giving prizes ceremony, butter, like what have been promised, step on stage...waaaa...abang emmett!!!!
heheh..he's big! than yesteryears...than the last time me n him, sat down, chit chatting..oh, wat a memory..a cool one!
anyways, me n noni jumping up and down as soon the mc announce butterfingers. we ran towards the stage with the i-dont-know-where-they-came crowd..we were the only girls in front of the stage..well, thats me..kalo aku da suke tuh, naik stage pun aku sanggup. :D
too bad nanim wasn't there..if not, she would be the one who really enjoy the moment..oh btw, selain butterfingers, nitrus and sixth sense also there performing..

the whole nite was great!
"kite pesta malam ni!"


Monday, April 16, 2007

credit to helmi for this wonderful pictures of us has been a blast!


for the last couple of weeks, we've been learning about love. true love that is.
its impossible to learn about love in any subject, but in theater class, everything is possible.

they said, they've been hurt, they've been crushed, they are in love, they are on cloud nine..
love that is....

to all my great fellow is a post, dedicated to all of you.
you guys are a bunch of wonderful people! knowing you guys are truly a bless.

miss nell, thank you for your patient with us yang mostly tak tahu ape ape on acting :P

ajis, thank you for your wonderful script and for being the greatest class rep ever!
helmi, thank you for the great script and trust you gave me on exploring the characters *wink wink*
audrey, thank you for the wonderful acting, and for always fill in my line whenever i get lost :P
, thank you for the great performance you've always shown

yee kuan, mateng, aimran, thank you for your great cooperation. ..
etieqa, wani, lia, amir, fizi, thank you for the smiles... :)
and for the rest of you in the class
...thank you for the support, for the togetherness, the spirit of teamwork and for the friendship and love.


paper magnetic holder

see what i did once i got this holder..i hold everything there! like it so much!
birthday gift from faten n fiza..thank u..muah muah


p/s:i've added new stuff, wish list...i wish i wish

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bali coffee powder

gile balinese!!! i like!!


for the second time, i carelessly bought the Dove Conditioner!
arrghhh..i should buy the shampoo.
i think the font is too small, it make me overlook the wording.its my second time ok..bukan first time.
come on lah Dove people, tak belajar packaging ke?
ahhahaha... :P

*i would really appreciate it if any of you want to buy it from me, if you are using it.

last nite, the theater rehearsal went on till 1 in the morning!
it was really tiring i tell ya...
but according to David, i gave the best performance..and to quote "well harim, what can i say"
heeeeee... :D
i really feel comfortable with theater..seriously!
maybe its in the blood too? well, nikki is in the stream, and so does my 2 cousins from babah side, i get the gen too?

well, today is the day lah..7.30pm kot start..not sure..
sape nk tengok aku berlakon tuh, meh la datang ke sini..
kalo nak datang tak tahu tempat, buzz me at ym!

oh, and i really love this souvenir from Arfah..she bought it at Bali during her honeymoon stay.
it is so balinese! i like..inside it is actually coffee in a small packet..i don't even taste the coffee yet cause its too little, plus, i love the aroma of it (even in the packet). so i'll keep it until i think i really need to make it a hot coffee..heheh..

did i tell we went to Arfah house? last wasn't really plan or anything. i was on chat with her a few days before saturday..and i told her it was my bday around the corner..and she asked to come..celebrate la konon..heheeh
so we went..she want us to come to her house lame daa..but tak de mase
tapi tak beli kek! uwaaa...


Monday, April 09, 2007

the speaker is at the back..there.. and that is the bag

somelll sangat!!!

so sweet and thoughtful!


my birthday bash was simple and nice..

venue: bilik eli, ida n noni
time: tak ingat, dpt ym derang soh dtg skrang trus bergegas pergi ke bilik mereka.
sponsor: cik eli, dgn dominos pizza!

kami makan dengan selahapnya..ahahhah
sangat beshhh..
lepas makan, eli hand me a box, tak perasan lagi itu ape...then setelah mengfokus dengan betul, baru nampak..its a sub woofer speaker!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (scream!)
heheheh..brand sonic gear ok...
besh sangat...the speaker was from eli , noni n wafa..
thanx girls!!
(skrang ni tgh tersengih sambil mendengar lagu di speaker baru..heheh)

then, semalam , ida dtg bilik..after my theatre practise..
it was really really hot that i took another shower at 1am!
ida pun dtg...membawa sebuah bag merah...tak perasan lagi (hehhe..aku ni slalu tak perasan)
nampak mcm bag utk kasut..
pastu bukak bag, ade this printed a4 size paper...
sangat somellll...and sweet tooo...ada pictures of me n her! and notes from ida and andy!
i was taking a long time reading it, looking at our old pictures together....
then aku pun bukak la bag itu, dan terus terkejut sambil terjerit!
it was the bag that i really really like!
we saw the bag last time at jj sk.
ida bought it first...kaler has this sailor stripes..i like the red..
and she bought it for me...oh, from andy too of course!!
that was sweet and thoughtful!
and andy said im his new fwen yg sangat besh!! hahhaha

then, smlm lagi mase practise theatre...
the whole class sang me bday song!
sangat sweet gak..and thoughtful too..

im smiling now..inside out, i am..
to my dearest dearest dearest friends, ida, eli, noni, wafa...thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely lovely gifts and for your love and care too..muahh muahh


p/s:more pictures will be uploaded in next post.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


today i'm a 24 years old girl.
24...that's a lot of number to handle.

last nite was sweet, the clock strikes 12, i was doing a thing i have passions most, photography.
i was looking at eye of malaysia with my camera on my other hand..
and the clock strikes..dongggg...

today, i'm a year older, i'm a year wiser, i'm a year gediks...hahhaha

to all my friends who wishes the best for me, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
to my family that i love dearly, thank you for sticking with me through everything.
to mama whom im a fan of, thank you for bringing me to this world, for always saying that i can do it.
to you dear, thank you for your trust and love.

heheheh..sedey sedey lak.. heee...neweys, here's wat i got for my bday, from him!



yayyy!! i got a Guess watch that i really really likee for a long time..


Friday, April 06, 2007


1. DSLR Nikon D-50/D70

2. Ipod Nano (preferably in pink)

3. LCD Monitor (prefereably 19inch)

4. Guess watch

5. Skin Swatch

6. The pink swivel chair from Ikea

7. Tops from MNG or NafNaf or Guess or Zara

8. Just simple Tops from anywhere that is affordable to you! *teehee*

9. The small handbag from the knitted bag collection (da tade daa..da kene beli ngan orang len)so ganti THUMBDRIVE...nk 2gb bule? kaler pink..ada tak?

10. A good surround sound PC speaker (yeshhh still need a new one..cause mine da cm kookaakk daa)

11. Bedsheet set from Aussino (most preferably sumthin pink) really into bedsheet these days

12. External hardisk
(bought already..couldn't wait any longer)

hehehhe..neweys not demanding actually..the list is just for least u guys know what i really need.and its a guide to those who are really nk bagi me present..kekekke..
for me, since im a young adult, its the thoughts that count..


ok peeps...i got TAG by aishah!!
first time ni got tag..pathetic isn't it..hahhaha
neweys here goes:

here are the rules (apparently, duh! hahaha): each one starts out by telling 6 weirds things about themselves. people who get tagged need to write this on their blog and state the rules clearly. in the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. after that, you leave each of them a comment letting them know you tagged them and the cycle goes on and on...etc.

  1. I used to (used to ok) had crushes on guys, and i really felt in love with them, as if i'm dating them..hahahha..tu weird ke psycho eh?? hahhah..neweys..i used to felt that..and would go on imagine for hours of us together at the park, the cinema, on bdays, eating, was fun though!
  2. I'm a veeeryyyy secrecy person.. all my friends realize that i don't talk much on personal stuff.
  3. I'm afraid of cats! afraid in really afraid.. I wouldn't go near to cats, let alone touching them. I would run if I saw one, or even scream if they get near me. There's one time i was coming home from school, a pack of kittens follow me from behind as i reached my home, and i ran in circle with them as i don't know where else to go until my mom open the door.
  4. I always have an interest for one stuff at one time, and jump into the other the next morning..i call it, the pink hyppo interest jump. but not photography!
  5. I really wanna try to smoke but too afraid of how it will effect the lungs , plus, i'm afraid how it will worsen my ashtma..but i just saw a pink cigarette pack at the kedai mamak last week! darn!
  6. I thought there's so many posers at KLCC! and its sad...

The Layers of Me Tag:

Layer 1: Outside
Name: Harim Izzati Hamdan
Birth Date: 8th April 1983 (just rite on the corner..kekeke)
Eye Colour: very dark brown
Hair Colour: black
Righty or Lefty: righty

Layer 2: On the Inside
My Heritage: i am a malay. pure malay. my dad side came from sumatera + malendang (my uwan's nenek was the princess there in which part i forgot, then she came to tanah melayu to hide from her people because of some personal issue going on, then she met my great great grandfather and have 3 kids, and my uwan was the daughter of the second one.there.) my mom side were mix of arabic + sumatera (my grandfather side is from arab)
My Fears: CATS!
My Perfect Pizza: supreme (the one that you have everything on it..different pizza place called it different name) + pepperoni n cheese + hawaian

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My Thoughts
First Waking Up: hmm..nk buat ape ari ni
My Bedtime: ya allah penat nyee..besh nye tido ngan quilt baru ku ini...heeee
Missed Memory: school time! so fun!!!

Layer 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: vanilla coke!
McD or Burger King: McD it is!! its cheap n stomach fuller!
Adidas or Nike: adidas...cause its cool
Tea or Nestea: nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla: VANILLA OF COURSE!!!! im a big fan of vanilla!! i even have vanilla scent perfume, vanilla aromatheraphy oil, vanilla lip balm, vanilla shower gel! ohhh i luvvv vanilla!
Cappuccino or Coffee: depends on what mood im in..hahha..

Layer 5: Do You…
Smoke: No.
Curse: sometimes when im really really mad
Take a shower: yes yes
Have a Crush:a lot of them! hahhaha..
Go to School: yes! proudly in MMU
Want to get married: yes i would love too..and have kids, and dress them with pink dress (for my daughter nnt laa), take them outing, tuck them to gonna be a good mother..and a great wife too!
Believe in Yourself: yes i do believe in myself
Think you’re a health freak: yes yes..i the moment im in yoga class...i used to jogged every weekend at klcc park without fail before i entered in my-i-have-no-time-world, really want to go to the gym but i guess it has to wait until my financial is establish...i watch my diet too..uu im so a health freak!

Layer 6: In the Past
Drank alcohol: No.
Gone to the Mall: yes
Been on stage: yeah..especially during my school days
Eaten Sushi: yup
Dyed your Hair: no..

Layer 7: Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: uu its hot..hahhah..but naaah
Changed Who You Were to Fit In: nope..i luv myself

Layer 8: Age you’re Hoping
To be married: around 30

Layer 9: In a guy
Best eye colour: brown, shows the masculinity
Hair colour: brown and black
Short hair or long hair: depends on what type he is

Layer 10: What were you doing
A minute ago:was thinking what to write for the weird part..its really hard..hahha
An hour ago: get up from sleep and get shower..
4.5 hours ago: came back from theater class
1 month ago: having fun with the TVC shooting + discover the existence of amy winehouse
1 year ago: was a finalist in L'oreal Cash Your Dream, standing in front of crowd in Espanda Club, showing them my photography work, with hope to win the went well, the crowd loves it..the background song was so catchy. the judges love it..too bad..tak de rezeki..but it was one great experience..with the photo shooting and was a blast!

Layer 11: Finish the Sentences
I love: my family, my friends, my persons, and those who really know me inside out..thank you for always being there for me
I hate: if im so so sengkek..cannot go shopping then!
I need: to grad from mmu and get a good money making job..its important! and i need you ...heee the 6 person im tagging are man, penol, abah, muthu, nad, vi
go go tag!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


i've been repeating love is a losing game in my iTunes player over and over again now. and if i wanna change, i put back to black, cinta mati, kerinduan, he can only hold her, pada senyummu, littlest things and wild horses. addicted to these songs.

meredith grey, is in love. yes she is. she's in her mcdreamy world back.
im addicted to that nice is it if i have my own mcdreamy life.

school work is ok..i guess you have to start things earlier and organize your time goin for internship programme next im not gonna be around campus for one whole semester..darn isn't it or if nanim would say it, "doink"..missing all the downloading stuff..missing the too cold and too hot temperature...missing my friends who are not going...missing the late night stay...oh and im gonna miss the 24hrs access to the internet and chatting with my friends, or updating blog at 2am in the morning..yeh..ill miss everything..for one whole semester.

because of me getting busier day by day, it left me in a position where im not able to spent a day with my new camera. time is all that i need.
i want a day spent with my camera..a day for us to be together..hehehe..sounds weird..but yeh, u know wat i mean.

uh, and like a very good daughter ive always been, i went back home on mama's bday eventhough i have many things to do here...eventhough ive to pass the oppurtunity of getting F1 grand stand ticket worth RM500 for free (which later, i would sell it on ebay *winkwink*) hey, if she's happy than im happy. :D
we went out for dinner with my uncles and aunties and my little little cousins. she had a bday cake...yayyy!! happy bday mama. i luv u so much!!
muaahh muahh for u!!


p/s: i have my person :)
just like mer and christina