Monday, April 16, 2007

credit to helmi for this wonderful pictures of us has been a blast!


for the last couple of weeks, we've been learning about love. true love that is.
its impossible to learn about love in any subject, but in theater class, everything is possible.

they said, they've been hurt, they've been crushed, they are in love, they are on cloud nine..
love that is....

to all my great fellow is a post, dedicated to all of you.
you guys are a bunch of wonderful people! knowing you guys are truly a bless.

miss nell, thank you for your patient with us yang mostly tak tahu ape ape on acting :P

ajis, thank you for your wonderful script and for being the greatest class rep ever!
helmi, thank you for the great script and trust you gave me on exploring the characters *wink wink*
audrey, thank you for the wonderful acting, and for always fill in my line whenever i get lost :P
, thank you for the great performance you've always shown

yee kuan, mateng, aimran, thank you for your great cooperation. ..
etieqa, wani, lia, amir, fizi, thank you for the smiles... :)
and for the rest of you in the class
...thank you for the support, for the togetherness, the spirit of teamwork and for the friendship and love.


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