Tuesday, April 03, 2007


i've been repeating love is a losing game in my iTunes player over and over again now. and if i wanna change, i put back to black, cinta mati, kerinduan, he can only hold her, pada senyummu, littlest things and wild horses. yes..im addicted to these songs.

meredith grey, is in love. yes she is. she's in her mcdreamy world back.
im addicted to that too..mcdreamy..how nice is it if i have my own mcdreamy life.

school work is ok..i guess you have to start things earlier and organize your time well...im goin for internship programme next semester..so im not gonna be around campus for one whole semester..darn isn't it or if nanim would say it, "doink"..missing all the downloading stuff..missing the too cold and too hot temperature...missing my friends who are not going...missing the late night stay...oh and im gonna miss the 24hrs access to the internet and chatting with my friends, or updating blog at 2am in the morning..yeh..ill miss everything..for one whole semester.

because of me getting busier day by day, it left me in a position where im not able to spent a day with my new camera. time is all that i need.
i want a day spent with my camera..a day for us to be together..hehehe..sounds weird..but yeh, u know wat i mean.

uh, and like a very good daughter ive always been, i went back home on mama's bday eventhough i have many things to do here...eventhough ive to pass the oppurtunity of getting F1 grand stand ticket worth RM500 for free (which later, i would sell it on ebay *winkwink*) hey, if she's happy than im happy. :D
we went out for dinner with my uncles and aunties and my little little cousins. she had a bday cake...yayyy!! happy bday mama. i luv u so much!!
muaahh muahh for u!!


p/s: i have my person :)
just like mer and christina

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