Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bali coffee powder

gile balinese!!! i like!!


for the second time, i carelessly bought the Dove Conditioner!
arrghhh..i should buy the shampoo.
i think the font is too small, it make me overlook the wording.its my second time ok..bukan first time.
come on lah Dove people, tak belajar packaging ke?
ahhahaha... :P

*i would really appreciate it if any of you want to buy it from me, if you are using it.

last nite, the theater rehearsal went on till 1 in the morning!
it was really tiring i tell ya...
but according to David, i gave the best performance..and to quote "well harim, what can i say"
heeeeee... :D
i really feel comfortable with theater..seriously!
maybe its in the blood too? well, nikki is in the stream, and so does my 2 cousins from babah side, i get the gen too?

well, today is the day lah..7.30pm kot start..not sure..
sape nk tengok aku berlakon tuh, meh la datang ke sini..
kalo nak datang tak tahu tempat, buzz me at ym!

oh, and i really love this souvenir from Arfah..she bought it at Bali during her honeymoon stay.
it is so balinese! i like..inside it is actually coffee in a small packet..i don't even taste the coffee yet cause its too little, plus, i love the aroma of it (even in the packet). so i'll keep it until i think i really need to make it a hot coffee..heheh..

did i tell we went to Arfah house? last wasn't really plan or anything. i was on chat with her a few days before saturday..and i told her it was my bday around the corner..and she asked to come..celebrate la konon..heheeh
so we went..she want us to come to her house lame daa..but tak de mase
tapi tak beli kek! uwaaa...


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