Monday, April 09, 2007

the speaker is at the back..there.. and that is the bag

somelll sangat!!!

so sweet and thoughtful!


my birthday bash was simple and nice..

venue: bilik eli, ida n noni
time: tak ingat, dpt ym derang soh dtg skrang trus bergegas pergi ke bilik mereka.
sponsor: cik eli, dgn dominos pizza!

kami makan dengan selahapnya..ahahhah
sangat beshhh..
lepas makan, eli hand me a box, tak perasan lagi itu ape...then setelah mengfokus dengan betul, baru nampak..its a sub woofer speaker!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (scream!)
heheheh..brand sonic gear ok...
besh sangat...the speaker was from eli , noni n wafa..
thanx girls!!
(skrang ni tgh tersengih sambil mendengar lagu di speaker baru..heheh)

then, semalam , ida dtg bilik..after my theatre practise..
it was really really hot that i took another shower at 1am!
ida pun dtg...membawa sebuah bag merah...tak perasan lagi (hehhe..aku ni slalu tak perasan)
nampak mcm bag utk kasut..
pastu bukak bag, ade this printed a4 size paper...
sangat somellll...and sweet tooo...ada pictures of me n her! and notes from ida and andy!
i was taking a long time reading it, looking at our old pictures together....
then aku pun bukak la bag itu, dan terus terkejut sambil terjerit!
it was the bag that i really really like!
we saw the bag last time at jj sk.
ida bought it first...kaler has this sailor stripes..i like the red..
and she bought it for me...oh, from andy too of course!!
that was sweet and thoughtful!
and andy said im his new fwen yg sangat besh!! hahhaha

then, smlm lagi mase practise theatre...
the whole class sang me bday song!
sangat sweet gak..and thoughtful too..

im smiling now..inside out, i am..
to my dearest dearest dearest friends, ida, eli, noni, wafa...thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely lovely gifts and for your love and care too..muahh muahh


p/s:more pictures will be uploaded in next post.

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