Saturday, May 26, 2007


at first there's not many confirm for this get-together supper.
we'll there were so many cadangan yang, going to genting, going for a picnic, and the last one go for a movie. zeek was the one who planning all the things...and i was just helping him out..heheh..for the girls side..

then last nite, at around 11.30, we gathered at the famous zebra crossing..hehehhe..yeh, its so famous that it even had been a place for meetings...

i was all the way from home..
i went home the same day at about 4pm, then i ran some errands, sending niki to mengaji, sending niki to tuition, buying my friends wedding gift, fetching nanim from work, fetching niki, shakira n wahyu, sending the girls back home, teman mama to giant for barang rumah...and by 10pm, i reached home..i havent had a single rest.

i really wanna go for the supper with those great, i said, what the heck...i can have my rest later..
at around 11.35 i was at zebra, after a quick shower.

we'll we really had such a good time..
zeek even asked the manager to give us seats inside the party room!
hell ya!
i am glad that we did the gathering..miss nell couldnt join us though, she's having a play this whole week..she couldn't even come to see us this morning...alaaaa..we'll miss u miss nell!
i want to go to her play, but i don't think i can rush with time..
im off to penang this evening with my girls...well maybe i'll catch her other play some other time.

so, guys, good luck for the paper this morning!
i think i speak on behalf of everbody when i say this in the only paper that doesn't need us to do revising or, break a leg! :D


p/s:ill update with pictures from the supper last nite,
from helmi's camera

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

que, faten, me....luv u girls!


well, its not officially for me yet, cause im having a 14 weeks of internship, then, ill be having my holiday..hehehe...
but most of my friends, there are on least for a week holiday.

its pretty quiet here in my room..faten balik last monday...que just gonna mishhhh both of them so so much..
my cute roomates...hehehe..i had a BLAST leaving with them..they were funny and great to live with! most important thing, they are tolerant! that's the important thing when u live together in a small room where u do your work, dine, sleep in it...

looking back, the first day i met que..i thought she was Chinese...she introduced herself..her name was que..and im like, oh gonna live with a chinese girl..heheh...then after that, she told me her name was qairul faiz and im like yayyy!
and the funny thing is, we're both have this sort of guy harim, she's

then come faten, she joined us in semester 2.
i've known faten since im in mmu..she used to be my neighbour when i was in hb4 in my first year

now im looking at the empty beds...
sangat sedeyyy..

as for me, im gonna pack my stuff tomorrow and maybe ill make two trips for the stuff..
and on saturday evening, i'll be home...
i have one last paper on paper.

im gonna go have my late lunch with ida...
be back soon..


Monday, May 21, 2007


yayyy...this time is from gadafi...yayy..sangat suke dan sronok.. its a pink mic headset...tapi saya da nk abis semester..tinggal lagi beberapa hari disini.. nnt tak pakai mic da...tggu semester baru, baru leh pakai... :(

neweys...i need to study.. until rabu.. ye..belajar ye anak2... belajar sampai berjaya

luv, me

Saturday, May 19, 2007

go go infinity and beyond!!!


told ya i be back soon..

this time of exams..makes me thing..nape la we need to sit for exams, melemahkan otak, menyakitkan badan..
tapi kalau tade exams, tade markah, tade markah, tade cgpa, tade cgpa , tade lah degreenye..
so..exams, i luv u darling!

i took media law paper at 2.30 today.
it was what can i called, not so ok paper...i read...i me i did..but i was just, practically not sure with what i answered.

after exams, i went into library, to hug my girl ida...ehehheh..o yeh, i think ida is the only person i knew who could stand with exams..she's strong..she can sit one whole day in the library revising.and she's my person! hehehhe..
but i couldn't find her..aaahh..too bad..

then, we go back to my room, me, naimah n eli, to watch so called my pc lah kan...sangat fun dan sedey because we out of budget to go out n watch , dlm bilik pun jadilah..
bilik sangat sronok..
we watch puaka tebing biru..the movie was ok.
we love the cinematography and camera angles.
we love the colour correction and farin ahmad! faten (bukan nama sebenar, tapi sape yg kenal tuh tau la tu faten kan) luvs farin's ass!hehehe...she said it over and over again..
heheheh..he is so hot in the movie..i admit!
there's a scene where he wear only kain pelikat..and only kain pelikat..and his biceps were....OMG and im screaming..we were all screaming..sekumpulan gadis gatal dan gedik.

after that, i went to sleep..oh so good...

uh, nanim is taking licence now....
she's been hiding under the table for a long time..i think its bout time she show her skills...i know she'll be a good driver..go go nanim!

im goin to penang next sunday for ogy's wedding...yayyy..congrats ogy!
me and my girls!! i cant wait..
oh, and i cant wait this monday too :P

till then.. right, drive safe, sleep well, enjoy life peeps!
muahh muahhhh


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


i guess its still not to late to receive bday present in the middle of may..heeee...i really love it..its knitted..its my new fav color, and it has ribbon on the waist and i just adore the design! so so my thing!

neweys, im in the final exam week now..just took my first paper this was ok.
there is still one submission on this friday..diagram..argghhh..

its only a week left for the semester holiday..
sangat sedeyyyy...nk tinggalkan hostel nih..yg sangat2 besh..
then, ill be over at my internship place, in phileo damansara..
oh, btw, i got to do my internship at ENFINITI PRODUCTION cool is that..
yeh, for those of you who don't know the company, its Tiara Jacquelina's company, which produce the ever greatest expensive local epic movie, Puteri Gunung Ledang..

so, im quite excited and happy and looking forward to intern there..feels like those guys in Grey's Anatomy..hehehe..

so...ill be back for updates soon..

eat right and sleep well guys!


Friday, May 04, 2007

hello everyone :)

fcm will be having an
ARTexhibition called funkadelicspunk!!!

4th+5th may 2007 ( fri+sat )
venue: set&background studio, multimedia university, jalan multimedia, 63100 cyberjaya
tel: 016 270 7739 (apai) 012 200 6045 (audrey)

calling all artists, animators, designers, photographers and everyone (mmu student+stuff only) to participate in funkadelicspunk!!!

everyone is invited !

bring the whole family, bring your friends, bring your neighbours, bring your housemate, bring your cewek and cowok and aunts and uncles!

**copy paste dari blog ajis :P