Saturday, May 19, 2007

go go infinity and beyond!!!


told ya i be back soon..

this time of exams..makes me thing..nape la we need to sit for exams, melemahkan otak, menyakitkan badan..
tapi kalau tade exams, tade markah, tade markah, tade cgpa, tade cgpa , tade lah degreenye..
so..exams, i luv u darling!

i took media law paper at 2.30 today.
it was what can i called, not so ok paper...i read...i me i did..but i was just, practically not sure with what i answered.

after exams, i went into library, to hug my girl ida...ehehheh..o yeh, i think ida is the only person i knew who could stand with exams..she's strong..she can sit one whole day in the library revising.and she's my person! hehehhe..
but i couldn't find her..aaahh..too bad..

then, we go back to my room, me, naimah n eli, to watch so called my pc lah kan...sangat fun dan sedey because we out of budget to go out n watch , dlm bilik pun jadilah..
bilik sangat sronok..
we watch puaka tebing biru..the movie was ok.
we love the cinematography and camera angles.
we love the colour correction and farin ahmad! faten (bukan nama sebenar, tapi sape yg kenal tuh tau la tu faten kan) luvs farin's ass!hehehe...she said it over and over again..
heheheh..he is so hot in the movie..i admit!
there's a scene where he wear only kain pelikat..and only kain pelikat..and his biceps were....OMG and im screaming..we were all screaming..sekumpulan gadis gatal dan gedik.

after that, i went to sleep..oh so good...

uh, nanim is taking licence now....
she's been hiding under the table for a long time..i think its bout time she show her skills...i know she'll be a good driver..go go nanim!

im goin to penang next sunday for ogy's wedding...yayyy..congrats ogy!
me and my girls!! i cant wait..
oh, and i cant wait this monday too :P

till then.. right, drive safe, sleep well, enjoy life peeps!
muahh muahhhh


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