Wednesday, May 23, 2007

que, faten, me....luv u girls!


well, its not officially for me yet, cause im having a 14 weeks of internship, then, ill be having my holiday..hehehe...
but most of my friends, there are on least for a week holiday.

its pretty quiet here in my room..faten balik last monday...que just gonna mishhhh both of them so so much..
my cute roomates...hehehe..i had a BLAST leaving with them..they were funny and great to live with! most important thing, they are tolerant! that's the important thing when u live together in a small room where u do your work, dine, sleep in it...

looking back, the first day i met que..i thought she was Chinese...she introduced herself..her name was que..and im like, oh gonna live with a chinese girl..heheh...then after that, she told me her name was qairul faiz and im like yayyy!
and the funny thing is, we're both have this sort of guy harim, she's

then come faten, she joined us in semester 2.
i've known faten since im in mmu..she used to be my neighbour when i was in hb4 in my first year

now im looking at the empty beds...
sangat sedeyyy..

as for me, im gonna pack my stuff tomorrow and maybe ill make two trips for the stuff..
and on saturday evening, i'll be home...
i have one last paper on paper.

im gonna go have my late lunch with ida...
be back soon..



aIzu said...

u knal que..known her since grade 4

Harim said...

oh? cool..wat a small world..
anyways, how u know this blog again..heheh..please come again..

que's my roomate..she's cool and nice to be with!