Saturday, May 26, 2007


at first there's not many confirm for this get-together supper.
we'll there were so many cadangan yang, going to genting, going for a picnic, and the last one go for a movie. zeek was the one who planning all the things...and i was just helping him out..heheh..for the girls side..

then last nite, at around 11.30, we gathered at the famous zebra crossing..hehehhe..yeh, its so famous that it even had been a place for meetings...

i was all the way from home..
i went home the same day at about 4pm, then i ran some errands, sending niki to mengaji, sending niki to tuition, buying my friends wedding gift, fetching nanim from work, fetching niki, shakira n wahyu, sending the girls back home, teman mama to giant for barang rumah...and by 10pm, i reached home..i havent had a single rest.

i really wanna go for the supper with those great, i said, what the heck...i can have my rest later..
at around 11.35 i was at zebra, after a quick shower.

we'll we really had such a good time..
zeek even asked the manager to give us seats inside the party room!
hell ya!
i am glad that we did the gathering..miss nell couldnt join us though, she's having a play this whole week..she couldn't even come to see us this morning...alaaaa..we'll miss u miss nell!
i want to go to her play, but i don't think i can rush with time..
im off to penang this evening with my girls...well maybe i'll catch her other play some other time.

so, guys, good luck for the paper this morning!
i think i speak on behalf of everbody when i say this in the only paper that doesn't need us to do revising or, break a leg! :D


p/s:ill update with pictures from the supper last nite,
from helmi's camera

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