Sunday, September 09, 2007

hye again..
ive just get back from langkawi yesterday.

langkawi was calm and nice.
i had a great holiday!
ill update the photos at my fotopages soon...
btw, thank you for the reminder lili, "abg dale and abg dale" hahahhaha....

for 3 days, me and my fwen got to pusing satu langkawi for rm70 fuel...we were wondering how's that so cause according to the pakcik, fuel there is expensive by 8 cents..the mystery is still unsolve.

i bought an ipod shuffle (1gb) for rm200 only!!!
no kidding! rm200 cheaper than KL (retail price:rm399)
then i bought 2 boxes of DKNY be delicious perfume (eu de parfume, 30ml) for RM185 .. in Kl its RM185 u do the maths.. :P

wat else wat else...other than those 2 precious things ive bought, there's langkawi tshirts, chocolates,minyak gamat, etc in my luggage.

but most importantly is the pictures i got during my stays there..

langkawi was great!
maybe ill go there again soon..who knows..heee


Sunday, September 02, 2007

I've been away for a while...sorry...away with my internship and that's why i haven't update my blog.anyways, tomorrow is my last day for internship.
i feel glad and yet I'm so sad to leave my colleagues, kak hana, yatie, kak mal, abang dale and abang amir...abang boudeng too..hehehe...
they all were so nice to me along my internship period.i love it there..
of course, going to work is not the same with going to school, i prefer going to school but the work atmosphere is different.
im sure ill miss each and every one of them..

i want to write sumthing more but si nanim ni sibuk suruh aku restart pc so that she can connect with the internet too...later aite...