Sunday, September 09, 2007

hye again..
ive just get back from langkawi yesterday.

langkawi was calm and nice.
i had a great holiday!
ill update the photos at my fotopages soon...
btw, thank you for the reminder lili, "abg dale and abg dale" hahahhaha....

for 3 days, me and my fwen got to pusing satu langkawi for rm70 fuel...we were wondering how's that so cause according to the pakcik, fuel there is expensive by 8 cents..the mystery is still unsolve.

i bought an ipod shuffle (1gb) for rm200 only!!!
no kidding! rm200 cheaper than KL (retail price:rm399)
then i bought 2 boxes of DKNY be delicious perfume (eu de parfume, 30ml) for RM185 .. in Kl its RM185 u do the maths.. :P

wat else wat else...other than those 2 precious things ive bought, there's langkawi tshirts, chocolates,minyak gamat, etc in my luggage.

but most importantly is the pictures i got during my stays there..

langkawi was great!
maybe ill go there again soon..who knows..heee


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