Saturday, October 20, 2007

hey people...
waaa sangat lame since i blog in..biasalah, bile da buzi, nk update blog pun tak leh daa..

k quick updates on me: doin 2 parttime jobs at the moment :P
2.went to watch P.Ramlee The Musical on the opening night, courtesy of Kak Mal. (will update the review on it soon) quite happy with my life now!
4.havent watch movie at the cinema for quite sometime now..
5.missing someone named shy :P

and selling my DOROTHY PERKINS dress..i have for like 3 years or so, but tak pernah pakai pun..because its a bit weird on me, the cutting tak compliment my voluptuous body (that's what mama and nanim said lah kan :P), by the way, size is 14uk, knee lenght dress.
im letting it go for RM100 saja, rasenye mase first beli dulu, it was around RM150 kot..along with the dress, im also throwing Elianto eye shadow in Salmon 22 (orangy color) for free! eyeshadow tu pun tak compliment my skin..darn the salesgirl!
so sesiapa yg interested, please lemme know k.
below are the pictures of the dress...

okie..will update again soon on P.Ramlee The Musical and etcetera..hope it will be really know me la kan..

so in the meantime, don't forget to do your weekend exercise!