Monday, November 26, 2007


picture by nisa and friend, courtesy of Best Buds magazine

first of all, im not sure how i manage to update my blog constantly..i thought im buzy like a bee? beeeezzzz beeezzzz :P

well, this morning i woke up and thought, how the hell im gonna get myself to the curve for research..thinking of taking the bus, but the riot in kl, made me think twice..perhaps there'll be massive of roadblock on the road..or the kl-lites might switch to outside kl mall ie damansara area.

while i put on my thinking cap, saw eli (my cousin who just entered the cyberjaya medical school,she lives in cyberia now) i thought, y not.
unfortunately, she's having final exams next week and was on revision/study day.
"kak arim pakailah kete eli", she said.
"you sure?", i said tried to confirm.
"ority" i said, suddenly...
"auto?"i asked.
"yup" she said.
oh goodie! i thought...

while im getting ready, i was thinking to ask kak sha to follow me for some company. she was sound asleep and i didn't dare to wake her up..
browsing again my ym list, i saw bart.
without much persuasion, she agreed to follow me. :)

we went for brunch as we arrived at Teh Tarik Place.
the place was cosy, my first time there.
but i did get stomach ache la after eating here...bart pun sama.. hmmmmmm

heikal very much made my work easier.
thank you kid!
he works there, so, interviewed the manager..they were all so helpful with the interview.

before i interviewed them, me and bart made a round at the street market, i went there twice before today, so i kinda know what to expect from the vendors. took some photographs and did an interview with one of the vendor, and unofficial interview with some of them :P

suddenly i saw this cute pink stripes wedge!
oh! it was heaven to see it on the rack of clearance sale..
love at first sight :P

i did think twice for it as im moneyless this weekend..but what the heck..i found my good bargain there.
sold for 32 bucks!

after the interesting research and shopping (oh, bart got herself a godfather movie tshirt which came with a tin container)
we head home...the traffic was terrific though.

but too bad, i missed my girl's wedding today..shikin's wedding.. :(
sori babe..
will made up to you ok.

oh this one from mango.. must get it...


Saturday, November 24, 2007


i was so excited when Kak Linda gave me free passes to Its A Girl Thing preview at Kl Convention Center. admits two to top it up!

"IDA" i thought out in my mind :D
ida pulak, seperti biasa, onnnn je..

so we off to KL after her class around 6pm, anxiously looking forward to arrive...
the heavy traffic jam made us to go into the ERL..thanx to Ida's brilliant idea..
we arrive around 7.30 at klcc...walking yang sangat panjang ke Hall 1 ye puan-puan...

as we arrived, the hall was clear..we can actually see what was there on the opposite corner..
it was a bit hambar and hambar.
jauh dari expectations..what we had in mind.
the stuff ..too pricey, out of our price range, concepts were actually for adults and not young adults like us. we were dissapointed..

but luckily, we stopped at this kakak's booth, she sell accessories and sunglasses for rm10..
me n ida pick one each...
it was hilarious to actually tried those sunglasses where there's only 4 left..

not after a long walk, we stopped at this beautiful pearl collection booth..i couldn't take my eyes over those classy looking rings..which cost only at 39 bucks!
its cheap.
as ida was my loaner that evening :P, i told her i want to get myself one of those pearl ring.
she smiled....heheheh..typical me.

i tried on the white pearl from the sea (as that was what the salegirl mention)
but ida found a better, classy style ring.. so we pick that one instead. love it!
thanx dear for the loan (hujung bulan ye :P)

we were on our way out when i stopped at this booth where they sell this incredible stuff that i found interesting.
its epicare to remove facial hair.
talking about solution!
the girls did some demostration which had me to grab it on the spot.
its effective too when i tried it in my room.

as for conclusion, really think the organizer should bring a more hip and fun brand or things at the event.

ida at the sunglasses booth

me looking at some neckless

night out girlfriend!

the ERL ride

but couldn't complain more as i got my pearl ring, sunglass, epicare and to top it all, i got my girl with me..our girls night out!
thanx babe.


Friday, November 23, 2007


uuu i loike!the pink pussycat..

kak sha mkn ice cream spt gadis bersopan santun..saya mkn spt pirate mkn icecream..muahahah

new look sunway is offering..

sejuk sejuk di telaga xmas

my two big sister...muah muahh luv u girls!

well, the title above make it sounds research is easy...
but THEY ARE NOT! i repeat...THEY ARE NOT!
if its not you who are begging and pleading, youll bring back nothing to show to the MI lecturers.. i guarantee that.

me, kak sha n kak aira went downtown for reaserch as early as 11 am from cyberjaya.
well, after sending eli to pudu station, it was around 1 when we reached klcc..
lucky me, KIRANA CREATION in KLCC help me a lot.. *wink wink*
each and every question was answered patiently by miss shashue..she's nice :)
oleh itu silalah ke kirana kerana mereka sedang mengadakan sale dan jualan murah...

went to other competitors, ie GIRLS (klcc) SUB (sunway), instead of interviewing them , i need to call the HQ for details...yeh, well...

kak aira was left in far dissapointment as her request of getting interview was also rejected..she also need to do appointment with the HQ..
but kak sha on the other hand, is on green light as all she need to do is to email her question to the person in charge, he isn't around so that was the least they can help her out with.

when we reached sunway, i was too tired to do another enquiry or QnA or interview or whatever it is u might call which i knew would lead to another dissapointment..we were stuck in the heavy jam at federal highway..with my PMS sum more..i decided not to do any interviews..

on our way back to the car park in sunway, we stop at these xmas cottage selling milk, accessories etc..silalah lihat gambar yg diuploadkan ok..
hehhehe..well, after those dissapoinment, bende seperti inilah yang membuatkan kami tersenyum kembali :D

oh..buat hati saya dpt 5A..straight A's...niki sangat pandai...dan nak besar year masuk high school..i will miss him as a little guy so so so much!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


niki, buah hati saya

tijani, my protege, my cute little cousin.the "sexy bebeh" pose

iman, the drama queen

nanim, the opposite me, my only sister, my big supporter :)

mama, the drill machine, my everything :)

maksu, my auntie... the best auntie anyone could ever wish for

pinkhyppo, my thing :P

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the effective way to hang your space too :P


one thing that i like so far about my class is we went to class for attendance and go back home..but to do research lah and what not.
that is so cool!
i don't know about my friends but for me, i really need spare time for my research, thesis and best buds of course! time IS running out.

well, i got help from eli for best buds and another fwen far so good..

today's class was typically boring.
we had a talk from this guy whom i can't remember his name..
well, his talk was actually quite interesting, about how advertising and media works in chezh republic/europe generally but i don't think he's a good talker...i mean, half of the class were asleep, inside.
he's practically mumbling his way through out.
thank god the class is cancel this evening for research studies and etc.
im glad.thank god.

called ida on my way for lunch at Tau Cafe.
glad that she's sound good.
she said she's fine..everything's fine..yes..she's fine :)
she'll be back tomorrow..miss my person so much!

eli and i was thinking to throw a bday party for wafa as it is her last bday with us..sob sob..
but i guess we need to postpone it as eli need urgently to go back to batu pahat for her research..well, the party can wait.

im supposed to call The Star right now to clear some stuff for best buds..but too lazy to do so..tomorrow perhaps?

oh, and tijani told maksu i have a boyfriend,"nama dia sheikh muzaffar" tijani said.
hahhahaa...there goes my protege!
pandai tijani. :D

till i have time again.
take care folks.


Sunday, November 18, 2007


i received a call from Andy one fine night...informing me that Ida's mom past away...i was shocked...really really shocked..innalillahhiwainnalillahhirajiun...

i called Ida right away...she picked up the phone sobbing, crying...she confirmed it, her mother passed away around 9 that night, due to kidney complication which they had never know after all these years.
i told her to banyak bersabar...she was the only child..and now it's just her and her worried about her condition at that time..

Andy told me he and some friends will go back to ipoh right after class the next day and that i can come too..but Wafa had a better idea..she said we better go right away..i did think twice as i just asked mama's permission to follow andy to ipoh the next day, and if mama knew i went off during the wee morning hours, she would not allowed it. but thinking off Ida, maybe she needs us there..maybe she don't..but thinking of that she's my person, she's my true blue, i agreed to Wafa's suggestion and there we off, the three of us, me, Eli and Wafa to Ipoh at 1am in the morning.

we arrived around 5am..we drove slowly..just to be extra carefull.
the house was if it know's the griefing.
we sat there in the living room, waiting for Ida to settle a few final thing..
Ida came to us, hugging us so tightly.
then, i know we made the right decision..

we waited until the funeral in setiawan..
the original plan was we can't make to setiawan as Wafa had some school work to attend generous as Wafa can be, she cancel her work so that we can be at the funeral.thank you dear.

it was around 2pm when we kissed goodbye to ida, heading off to KL.
andy was there with faizal and a friend, so at least, they will keep ida company.
i hug ida, whispering...
i have never know or meet arwah auntie before, but Ida always talks about her..ida has this famous picture of her and her mother on her study table...i know her mother through the stories ida told, and through the bonding picture of mother and daughter..

to ida, i hope you will be strong and patient to go through all of the dugaan and cabaran of your life. Allah loves her more...semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang beriman, disisi Allah SWT. you know i will always be here for your person.


as i is the review on p.ramlee the musical. but the review is taken from my sister's blog as i'm quite buzy lately..well, she covers everything i wanna say as we did discuss it in the car on our way back home from the play..hope it's fine with all of you.

I think the people behind EnfiniTi memang genius, really really talented people and I try to be objective with this la. I expected P. Ramlee to be, if not better, at least equally as good. But the thing about P. Ramlee The Musical (which shall now henceforth be identified as PRTM for easy typing), it fluctuates a lot. Like there’s one thing yang sangat bagus, but in another area, something else slack pulak.

I’ll go through the cast first.

I don’t think anyone can play P. Ramlee but Sean Ghazi. He’s brill, he is. His talent is undeniable. Plus, Liza Hanim is really comfortable in her role as Saloma. She effortlessly speaks, walks, talks, and SINGS just like Saloma.

And then there’s Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza as Azizah, P. Ramlee’s childhood sweetheart. According to Kill, who read the legend’s biography, nobody really knows who Azizah was and how she looks like for sure except for P. Ramlee himself. Putting aside whatever prejudice or biasness I may have for her whether in the past or in the present -- it is suffice to say that I have differing views on her when she first started in the industry to the peak that she is at now -- I have to say that Siti did not leave any impact on me with her performance. I repeat, DID NOT leave any impression. Sure, she can sing. Her voice is distinctively hers. Her vocal range, excellent. Her acting chops, that’s another matter. Her presence, didn’t work its magic on me.

I felt that, even without her as Azizah, say that you put another person to fill in the role, it would’ve been okay, because there really isn’t anything much about her performance. She didn’t give a mind-blowing show or anything, she was just… too Siti?

Perhaps the character suits her to a T because Azizah is this demure, distinguished anak orang kaya in the village who became Ramlee’s first love and muse and Siti in real life is known for her sopan-ness.

Then there’s Atilia who was Junaidah, Ramlee’s first wife. She was okay la, she can sing but she didn’t leave a mark also.

But Melissa Saila as Norizan, the second wife after Junaidah, my oh my. There are two sides of the coin when it comes to Melissa Saila and both are of the same magnitude. She has excellent acting skills and a terrible singing voice!

Interestingly, Melissa’s mother, the veteran Mariani, is Saloma’s sister, and given that Ramlee married Saloma later, Melissa is acting in a tribute play about her own uncle.

Her character, Norizan, the ex-consort of the Sultan who left everything behind to pursue her love for P. Ramlee, came out just minutes before the intermission. Her body language, her intonation was super, super excellent. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. However, the play didn’t elaborate on how Norizan got acquainted with Ramlee, most prolly for diplomatic reasons because she was an ex-consort of a king. But I just don’t understand why they have to give such a difficult song for her to sing since her singing capability is limited. The song was during her fight with Ramlee and to portray her anger, the song was in such a high note that she simply couldn’t reach it. Poor thing, really, because her acting was amazing. My mother also told me that physically, Melissa isn’t perfect to play Norizan because Norizan was of a bigger built, similar to Liza Hanim’s physique. Melissa’s petite size was actually more similar to her real-life aunt, Saloma, but Melissa really pulled it through playing Norizan, except for the singing. My favorite line of her was when the paparazzi were all camping outside the house to take pictures of her after Ramlee divorced her, she walked with such gusto and whatever pride and anger that she has left, and yelled “Get out of my way!!”

That was the main cast. The dancers are mainly the same people from PGLM, can actually recognize their faces ^_^

For the play itself, the opening montage was brill. There was a montage, and I think it is pretty uncommon to have a montage in a stage play right? Some of the scenes were a bit of a drag, I actually felt bored at certain scenes. Choreography, by the amazing Pat Ibrahim, was good enough for the musical, but I like his choreography in PGLM better.

And I couldn’t remember the songs in the musical apart from P. Ramlee originals like Getaran Jiwa, Gelora and Azizah. Unlike PGLM, I could actually remember the choruses after I left the hall! My sister remarked that she remembered wanting to buy the PGLM soundtrack because she fell in love with the songs after watching the play, and PRTM didn’t have the same effect.

Despite the flaws, there were some highlights of the musical. For one, the play was really funny! Imagine P. Ramlee and his antics, especially when he is trying to court Saloma in his movies. This was replicated brilliantly in the play, and to this I think Adlin Aman Ramlie did a great job as the writer.

The set was magnificent, as expected of EnfiniTi, with the props gliding from one corner to the other. If you are going to watch the play, look out for the train with the license plate, TJ 1010. That is actually Tiara Jacquelina’s in real life. So a little trivia there. And I also love the scene where they pay homage to Puteri Gunung Ledang. Watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

The good thing about the cast is, the chemistry between P. Ramlee and Saloma, was great, and like I mentioned before, the courting scene was one to watch.

To sum it up, I am a little disappointed to say that PRTM did not leave that glint in my eye and flutter in my heart like how I felt when I saw PGLM. But hey, you should catch the play, by all means, see it for yourself and see how our local theatre has grown so much.

There were a lot of celebrities in Istana Budaya on that opening night, it was a blast from the past to see veterans like Dato’ Aziz Sattar, Ruminah Sidek and Mariani present among the crowd. These are the people who knew P. Ramlee personally, and I think the play must have been sentimental for them.

I didn’t take much picture, because I had to use the family’s first generation Lumix. Yeah, like 2.0 megapix, really terrible flash -_- Boyfriend loaned the Nikon he let me used before to his friend and that friend took it back to Sabah and I still haven’t seen the light of the day of the precious camera. Note to self, must save up for a new digicam. Hilang photo-op I without camera tau!

The musical ended at 12:45am. By that time, I was already craving for a cheeseburger, lapar gila, so we head to McD’s drive-thru in Ampang, analyzing and commenting about the play we just saw.

“Aku tetiba terbayang Sean Ghazi morphs into Stephen-Rahman masa scene yang akhir tu weh, singing “MENGAPA AKU MASIH, DIDUGA DAN TERUS DIPERUJI…”

I told you I remember most of the choruses from PGLM. It was that good.

Kakak just laughed.

“Ha’ah kan. Lagu-lagu PGLM lagi best. Can u imagine, we left IB watching P. Ramlee The Musical. What songs are we singing now in the car? PGL jugak!”


Sigh. Sophomore slump can happen to anyone, even the great geniuses of EnfiniTi. It wasn’t exactly a failure, but for those who watched both plays, they can see the difference I’m talking about. Or it could be the fact that it was the opening night, the play might just work its magic once its up and running on subsequent nights.

The songs in PGLM were just magical. I honestly think so. I’m actually listening to PGLM’s soundtrack while writing this.

PGLM is definitely a tough act to follow.

*will update on the photos soon