Monday, November 26, 2007


picture by nisa and friend, courtesy of Best Buds magazine

first of all, im not sure how i manage to update my blog constantly..i thought im buzy like a bee? beeeezzzz beeezzzz :P

well, this morning i woke up and thought, how the hell im gonna get myself to the curve for research..thinking of taking the bus, but the riot in kl, made me think twice..perhaps there'll be massive of roadblock on the road..or the kl-lites might switch to outside kl mall ie damansara area.

while i put on my thinking cap, saw eli (my cousin who just entered the cyberjaya medical school,she lives in cyberia now) i thought, y not.
unfortunately, she's having final exams next week and was on revision/study day.
"kak arim pakailah kete eli", she said.
"you sure?", i said tried to confirm.
"ority" i said, suddenly...
"auto?"i asked.
"yup" she said.
oh goodie! i thought...

while im getting ready, i was thinking to ask kak sha to follow me for some company. she was sound asleep and i didn't dare to wake her up..
browsing again my ym list, i saw bart.
without much persuasion, she agreed to follow me. :)

we went for brunch as we arrived at Teh Tarik Place.
the place was cosy, my first time there.
but i did get stomach ache la after eating here...bart pun sama.. hmmmmmm

heikal very much made my work easier.
thank you kid!
he works there, so, interviewed the manager..they were all so helpful with the interview.

before i interviewed them, me and bart made a round at the street market, i went there twice before today, so i kinda know what to expect from the vendors. took some photographs and did an interview with one of the vendor, and unofficial interview with some of them :P

suddenly i saw this cute pink stripes wedge!
oh! it was heaven to see it on the rack of clearance sale..
love at first sight :P

i did think twice for it as im moneyless this weekend..but what the heck..i found my good bargain there.
sold for 32 bucks!

after the interesting research and shopping (oh, bart got herself a godfather movie tshirt which came with a tin container)
we head home...the traffic was terrific though.

but too bad, i missed my girl's wedding today..shikin's wedding.. :(
sori babe..
will made up to you ok.

oh this one from mango.. must get it...



abah said...

sayer berpindah ke ... harap maklum.. :)

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