Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the effective way to hang your clothes..save space too :P


one thing that i like so far about my class is we went to class for attendance and go back home..but to do research lah and what not.
that is so cool!
i don't know about my friends but for me, i really need spare time for my research, thesis and best buds of course! time IS running out.

well, i got help from eli for best buds and another fwen fwen..so far so good..

today's class was typically boring.
we had a talk from this guy whom i can't remember his name..
well, his talk was actually quite interesting, about how advertising and media works in chezh republic/europe generally but i don't think he's a good talker...i mean, half of the class were asleep, inside.
he's practically mumbling his way through out.
thank god the class is cancel this evening for research studies and etc.
im glad.thank god.

called ida on my way for lunch at Tau Cafe.
glad that she's sound good.
she said she's fine..everything's fine..yes..she's fine :)
she'll be back tomorrow..miss my person so much!

eli and i was thinking to throw a bday party for wafa as it is her last bday with us..sob sob..
but i guess we need to postpone it as eli need urgently to go back to batu pahat for her research..well, the party can wait.

im supposed to call The Star right now to clear some stuff for best buds..but too lazy to do so..tomorrow perhaps?

oh, and tijani told maksu i have a boyfriend,"nama dia sheikh muzaffar" tijani said.
hahhahaa...there goes my protege!
pandai tijani. :D

till i have time again.
take care folks.


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