Sunday, November 18, 2007


i received a call from Andy one fine night...informing me that Ida's mom past away...i was shocked...really really shocked..innalillahhiwainnalillahhirajiun...

i called Ida right away...she picked up the phone sobbing, crying...she confirmed it, her mother passed away around 9 that night, due to kidney complication which they had never know after all these years.
i told her to banyak bersabar...she was the only child..and now it's just her and her worried about her condition at that time..

Andy told me he and some friends will go back to ipoh right after class the next day and that i can come too..but Wafa had a better idea..she said we better go right away..i did think twice as i just asked mama's permission to follow andy to ipoh the next day, and if mama knew i went off during the wee morning hours, she would not allowed it. but thinking off Ida, maybe she needs us there..maybe she don't..but thinking of that she's my person, she's my true blue, i agreed to Wafa's suggestion and there we off, the three of us, me, Eli and Wafa to Ipoh at 1am in the morning.

we arrived around 5am..we drove slowly..just to be extra carefull.
the house was if it know's the griefing.
we sat there in the living room, waiting for Ida to settle a few final thing..
Ida came to us, hugging us so tightly.
then, i know we made the right decision..

we waited until the funeral in setiawan..
the original plan was we can't make to setiawan as Wafa had some school work to attend generous as Wafa can be, she cancel her work so that we can be at the funeral.thank you dear.

it was around 2pm when we kissed goodbye to ida, heading off to KL.
andy was there with faizal and a friend, so at least, they will keep ida company.
i hug ida, whispering...
i have never know or meet arwah auntie before, but Ida always talks about her..ida has this famous picture of her and her mother on her study table...i know her mother through the stories ida told, and through the bonding picture of mother and daughter..

to ida, i hope you will be strong and patient to go through all of the dugaan and cabaran of your life. Allah loves her more...semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang beriman, disisi Allah SWT. you know i will always be here for your person.


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