Saturday, November 24, 2007


i was so excited when Kak Linda gave me free passes to Its A Girl Thing preview at Kl Convention Center. admits two to top it up!

"IDA" i thought out in my mind :D
ida pulak, seperti biasa, onnnn je..

so we off to KL after her class around 6pm, anxiously looking forward to arrive...
the heavy traffic jam made us to go into the ERL..thanx to Ida's brilliant idea..
we arrive around 7.30 at klcc...walking yang sangat panjang ke Hall 1 ye puan-puan...

as we arrived, the hall was clear..we can actually see what was there on the opposite corner..
it was a bit hambar and hambar.
jauh dari expectations..what we had in mind.
the stuff ..too pricey, out of our price range, concepts were actually for adults and not young adults like us. we were dissapointed..

but luckily, we stopped at this kakak's booth, she sell accessories and sunglasses for rm10..
me n ida pick one each...
it was hilarious to actually tried those sunglasses where there's only 4 left..

not after a long walk, we stopped at this beautiful pearl collection booth..i couldn't take my eyes over those classy looking rings..which cost only at 39 bucks!
its cheap.
as ida was my loaner that evening :P, i told her i want to get myself one of those pearl ring.
she smiled....heheheh..typical me.

i tried on the white pearl from the sea (as that was what the salegirl mention)
but ida found a better, classy style ring.. so we pick that one instead. love it!
thanx dear for the loan (hujung bulan ye :P)

we were on our way out when i stopped at this booth where they sell this incredible stuff that i found interesting.
its epicare to remove facial hair.
talking about solution!
the girls did some demostration which had me to grab it on the spot.
its effective too when i tried it in my room.

as for conclusion, really think the organizer should bring a more hip and fun brand or things at the event.

ida at the sunglasses booth

me looking at some neckless

night out girlfriend!

the ERL ride

but couldn't complain more as i got my pearl ring, sunglass, epicare and to top it all, i got my girl with me..our girls night out!
thanx babe.



andy said...

hehehee...jalan-jalan pegi soping...

Anonymous said...

wuhuu gamba katun ku ada d blog mu...