Friday, November 23, 2007


uuu i loike!the pink pussycat..

kak sha mkn ice cream spt gadis bersopan santun..saya mkn spt pirate mkn icecream..muahahah

new look sunway is offering..

sejuk sejuk di telaga xmas

my two big sister...muah muahh luv u girls!

well, the title above make it sounds research is easy...
but THEY ARE NOT! i repeat...THEY ARE NOT!
if its not you who are begging and pleading, youll bring back nothing to show to the MI lecturers.. i guarantee that.

me, kak sha n kak aira went downtown for reaserch as early as 11 am from cyberjaya.
well, after sending eli to pudu station, it was around 1 when we reached klcc..
lucky me, KIRANA CREATION in KLCC help me a lot.. *wink wink*
each and every question was answered patiently by miss shashue..she's nice :)
oleh itu silalah ke kirana kerana mereka sedang mengadakan sale dan jualan murah...

went to other competitors, ie GIRLS (klcc) SUB (sunway), instead of interviewing them , i need to call the HQ for details...yeh, well...

kak aira was left in far dissapointment as her request of getting interview was also rejected..she also need to do appointment with the HQ..
but kak sha on the other hand, is on green light as all she need to do is to email her question to the person in charge, he isn't around so that was the least they can help her out with.

when we reached sunway, i was too tired to do another enquiry or QnA or interview or whatever it is u might call which i knew would lead to another dissapointment..we were stuck in the heavy jam at federal highway..with my PMS sum more..i decided not to do any interviews..

on our way back to the car park in sunway, we stop at these xmas cottage selling milk, accessories etc..silalah lihat gambar yg diuploadkan ok..
hehhehe..well, after those dissapoinment, bende seperti inilah yang membuatkan kami tersenyum kembali :D

oh..buat hati saya dpt 5A..straight A's...niki sangat pandai...dan nak besar year masuk high school..i will miss him as a little guy so so so much!



andy said...

sunway pyramid???yaaaa it's quite nice....
might be me and ida's next fav place ;)

harim hamdan said...

hehe..might be!