Tuesday, January 29, 2008


well folks, this is the last semester for me. my final semester in my final year.
i'm a bit sad and mellow about this.feels like i want to be here forever. student life is great! learn a lot from it and still learning...

i am a girl who is sentimental. treasuring everything that is so possible in her heart and mind. to step into a new level, that is working life, is an excited part, yet i still don't want to leave my student life. i might do my master in the future, while working.

well, it's a bit early to say goodbye to my student life right, so i guess i'll wait till it is really time.

i'm quite a forgetful person too, so if i haven't update you with these stuff, feel free to read. :P

1. i have quit my part time job with Best Buds as i couldn't seems to cope with the work load from my studies and the job.

2. i am so very excited with the Best Buds on the news stand now..you guys still can find it in bookshop almost everywhere in Malaysia, go get it! i design the cover and 80% of the inside layout.
that's me and tia with best buds!

3. i met this great guy at office and he has same opinion as i am about work, marriage and life! is that cool or what! i wonder when he will ask for my digit.. aaaawwww...

4.planning of holiday getaway as soon as we're finish schools...something with beach..naaa..not bali..too bad..

well, better get ready for my first final sem Media Innovation class. as always, class starts at 9.30am until God knows how long...fuiihhh..oh, and got a date with ida today, we're on the mission of something something..let me keep it a hush hush until the day okie...

xoxo, you know you love me,
gossip girl....heheheheheheheheheheh