Sunday, February 03, 2008


the surprise party was a success..both birthday girls doesn't know there would be a party at all!

thank you to all of the "harim party planner" group (bley jadi david tetura tak?), everyone keep it a hush2...ingat sumpahan aku, "sapa bocor rahsia, beta sumpah hilang nyawa bermuntahkan darah" hehehe...over eh.

but, the party tak la sehebat tetura where every single details are matter...ours was cm biasa, but yg penting, everyone had fun!

ida can sing rock ok! surprise surprise...

let the photos below speak for itself ya!

fuuuhh..tiup lilin....weeeee

us, and of course bart behind the camera! p/s:bart runner for cake ok... :D

eat and....

eat sum more...

its party time bebeh!!

now shack your bootie..yippiee!!

the real rox star on the floor..

in the end, these are what we wanna see...smiles..aawwww

happy weekend everyone!


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