Wednesday, February 27, 2008

lalalalalala....HAPPY BDAY IDA.....!!!

happy bday dear!

as kind and adorable andy could be, he offered to blanja all of "ida's fwens" on her bday...isn't it thoughtful and sweet...aaaaaaa *wink wink*

the party held at Bread & Olives, Look Out Point, KL or best known as little genting. it's not much of a suprise party as me and andy asyik terkantoi dengan and there..hahahha..but she thought that andy was going to bring her to genting highlands as i told ida that i would be sleeping over with my other ok lah, kira surprise jugak lah...

words could not best describe how she was so happy that night..
and the others were get along even though most of us met the first time there...but, we were pretty much having fun up there..

the food was fantastic!
the cake was yummy!
the view...oh, lovely lovely...was wonderful!!

i haven't buy anything for ida yet, quite tight this month, but i saw some something something at here and there..hush hush...

i let you guys see the pictures ya!


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