Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It was totally a surprise party for Yus (her party came first before Eli & Naimahs)...i had great time with these girls and those 2 guys yang sangat sporting jugak! TOTALLY!

i tell you, i have never met people yang party gile tanpa rasa penat nak terpancit ok, from one song to another song, let it be spice up your life to sengol-sengolan to i will survive, from britney's from the bottom of my broken heart to epal merah si ana tuh....gile aa derang nih! you guys rox!

looking forward for another party girls! lets shake our booties! yayyy!!

happy bday yus...ko da tua..wakakkaakk.. (ermmmm, mine is no less than 3 months :P)

to all my chinese friends and readers, have a happy happy chinese new year!
happy holiday folks!


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