Friday, March 28, 2008

Izinku Pergi

this song really touch me in so many angle of my life. each words represent strong meaning of what the songs all about. the words are beautiful and the melody is simply soothing, yet touching. i have no idea what Kaer capable off since i heard he was one of the AF student (yes, i do have issues with AF). but credit to Kaer as he sang the songs well.

rumours said the song is meant for my abang nuar...huhuhuu...but, Kaer got it instead. i can imagine how Anuar Zain sings it, it would even be a great song!
so, not too bad for a new face to sing this song, well done Kaer! Izinku Pergi was composed by Azlan Abu Hassan and written by Sulu Sarawak, hats off to these two great duo!

to top it up, this music video was directed by my dear Mr Ghaz...heeee (gatey aku nih!) Mr Ghaz was one of my lecturer in Audio Video subject (which i can't remember the exact subject name). he's totally hot! damn right he is! tapi he's taken lah..hahhaha...anyways, love the music video, except ada slek skit, tanda tanah perkuburan tuh, nampak sangat macam baru buat semalam..heheheh..sorry Mr Ghaz, u know better than me :D

for those who haven't heard the song yet, or let alone watch the music video, here it is. Izinku Pergi...enjoy! jangan habiskan satu box kleenex ya! :P

Song lyrics | Izinku Pergi lyrics

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Part Time Jobs

as usual, i forced myself to do some part time job during the previous midterm break. this time, i did something else...

i followed wafa to be an interviewer. yeh, kitorang interview orang tuh, yang you guys would see kat street or shopping malls sometimes, or maybe ada yang sampai datang kerumah, ask orang ramai to get interviewed...huhu...pengalaman yang penat but besh! i just need something new and fresh to do.

we did it for 3 days, the interview was regarding on shoppers behavior especially to those who shop around pj, klang, shah alam and kl as well. we were under plaza alam sentral team. the paid was ok, rm5 for each questionnaire done.

during the weekend, i go back to TNS for my old data entry job :P

at tesco, damansara, shopping for something

after hours and hours of interviewing, we kick back for some karaoke session!

wafa sang some song i never heard off..huhu...

we stop by at lecka lecka cineleisure for couple of more interviews while enjoying our lecka lecka..

a quiet and fast ride , to home sweet home... :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lollipops & The Mega Sale

me and my girlfriend found this brand (lollipops) to be more unique, stylish and fun than other expensive-everyone-is-wearing-it brand.

the bags.....are to die for.

i had a crush on this little grey handbag which i can't remember the name. my girlfriend instead, has bought this cool military design bag.

lollipops is available at parkson in KLCC . im not sure of the stand alone boutique but i heard there are one in sunway. can't wait to got there myself.

i got myself a comfortable clog bedroom slipper from La Senza last weekend. it was on sale and as a true bargain hunter i always be, i grab the slipper in a blink of an eye. i don't want to repeat the same mistake i made on Zara's green stripes bag . i regretted that moment so much... when i decided to wait for my salary the next weekend to buy it. i should just have ring my dear sister for money. like i have never done that! and i regret it so much, even until now...the bag was already in my hand, and i stupidly put it on the shelf back. :(

mine is something like this only it is white and has a little raindeer on a bike design.

i like this one (above picture) too, but nak pakai bile...if the night is so cold, i guess i can wear it. there are lotsa designs at La Senza which got 60% off. check out KLCC outlet. im screaming everytime i enter the shop! yang paling tak tahan, the panties and bras...everything on sale!

Tangs at pavillion got hot items too. that warm morning, i drop by at pavillion after jogging for the JCo donut. well, my intention was to buy the delicious nasi lemak at bb plaza area but it was off on public holiday. so i decided to get the donuts. its hard to get the donut nowadays as you have to que for it for at least half an hour, so that morning, i bought one dozen of them for brunch. as i were passing Tangs to the carpark, i saw this further reduction sign on the display window. with the JCo plastic bag on my hand along with my big t-shirt, crumpy tudung and smelly workout pants, i make my way into Tangs...i know the security was looking at me. hey, a girl just have to do what she needs to do okaaayyy...the sales were awesome!

too bad, i can't really do some serious shopping at that moment. financial problem occurred. hopefully i can shop before the mega sale ends.

as usual, eat right, exercise regularly!

im off for now!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

wiku wiku...kukikuki...

im going out for a couple of hours today,
for something i cannot tell you, when its done, then i let you know.
im not feeling well though, but a promise is still a promise.

~im outie~


Friday, March 14, 2008


I noticed her on the Victoria's Secret fashion show runaway. 2 words for her, hot and saucy! she has this angel and devil look in one glance. her naughty stares come from a very dark and sexy eyes, her potty lips makes her a kissable product! her green eyes are so hot! and the rest of her facial is everything a girl could ask for. when she walks on the runaways, she has this masculine like style, yet so sexy...uuu..i dunno why i decided to rumbles about her on this post...huhuhu....


Oh oh no.....

getting ready for school. courtesy of my dear paparazzi LC :P

All my storyboards were rejected. darn.
so i have to spent my midterm break with ideas and new sketching..eli told me i have improved a lot in drawing..huhu..well, i guess so, so far i can draw without tracing, which means, i just google or see the object i want to draw in front of me and i draw..i'm not that gud but i guess i have improved a lot since beta, since the dictatorship of che mat!

any'ho, there's a new tv series in hollywood which i luv to death! there's Dirt, Lipstick Jungle and Aliens in America uploaded for free at torrent. keep the new episode coming guys! and what happen to Niptuck Season5, Greys Anatomy Season4 and Desperate Housewives Season 4?

For the first time, i have fulfill my duty as a Malaysian by voting for the country...huuhu..perasaan at that moment, while waiting in lines (no lines actually, i was the only voter at that time), taking the vote slip, go to the back of the small voting desk, and the moment i actually do my voting, pangkah memangkah, oh, that was indescribable. of course along the process, i couldn't stop smiling like kerang busuk..kekekkeek..macam bangga yang teramatlah, the person in charge in the room pun sengih je tengok aku tersengih..mesti dia tau aku virgin voter kot.huhu...the result of the election was unexpectable, although i'm quite glad that it turn out to be that way, at least, the government tertekan sikit kot, biar derang tau malaysian are brave to voice the other hand, im wondering, how would KL be if the opposition take over, how would malaysia be if we are rule by opposition, the rationale of what KL is right now is still irrelevant with oppositions.

fatihah told me the other day that there was this restaurant, and many of them actually, serves alive fish on the menu. with its head still alive, grasping for air, those uncivilize customers eat its cook fried body with pride. i hate them, i hate their guts! i can guess, the taste is just the same if the fish dead, so why bother to wrap its head while cooking its body! its disgusting and uncivilize. check out this video, you'll know how i feel then.

ida is selling her black jeans for RM40. brand new. she bought it and thought it doesn't look good on her when she tried it on. any takers?


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This Week Ration

Hello hello!

i had 4 days weekend holiday at home, which most of the days i spent go out for window shopping.

i bought 9 items for my ration this week which are:

(please ignore number 1 cause there's number 1 to be shown, mistakenly put in and is so lazy to edit it back at photoshop)
2. Downy Softener in Vanilla smell (i bought the trial pack just for the sake of the vanilla smell)
3. Oral B toothbrush (forgot which one but the one that can clear up all the plaque in your mouth)
4. My favorite Dove-Anti Dandruff shampoo (got a free dandruff lotion, which i thought was the conditioner at the first place)
5. First Choice Roti Gandum (the reason i choose this brand is because they were out of stock for Gardenia WholeMeal and was too afraid to eat High 5 brand due to bad reputation a few years ago)
6. Nutela Chocolate Spread (no reason, simply yummy on a bread, or left alone!)
7. Hot Chocolate
8. Giant Disponsable Razor (easily glide, simply disposable, extra hygiene that way!)
9. Giant Facial Cotton
10. Chipsmore Butterscotch

to date, i've used the toothbrush, which i think absolutely brilliant. the shape and how it reach ever corner in my mouth...nutela chocolate spread was simply delicious on the toasted bread this afternoon.

oh yeh, went to class as usual at 11am and installed everything i need in my pc after my bro format it last weekend. suddenly i felt sleepy and went to bed, and had this crazy dream...snoring until 6 or so, woke up and do other stuff after that.

ok lah, nk tido balik rasanye nih. tomorrow class is interesting cause mr ken called a few guys to give seminar on lighting and what not. nighty nite!