Friday, March 28, 2008

Izinku Pergi

this song really touch me in so many angle of my life. each words represent strong meaning of what the songs all about. the words are beautiful and the melody is simply soothing, yet touching. i have no idea what Kaer capable off since i heard he was one of the AF student (yes, i do have issues with AF). but credit to Kaer as he sang the songs well.

rumours said the song is meant for my abang nuar...huhuhuu...but, Kaer got it instead. i can imagine how Anuar Zain sings it, it would even be a great song!
so, not too bad for a new face to sing this song, well done Kaer! Izinku Pergi was composed by Azlan Abu Hassan and written by Sulu Sarawak, hats off to these two great duo!

to top it up, this music video was directed by my dear Mr Ghaz...heeee (gatey aku nih!) Mr Ghaz was one of my lecturer in Audio Video subject (which i can't remember the exact subject name). he's totally hot! damn right he is! tapi he's taken lah..hahhaha...anyways, love the music video, except ada slek skit, tanda tanah perkuburan tuh, nampak sangat macam baru buat semalam..heheheh..sorry Mr Ghaz, u know better than me :D

for those who haven't heard the song yet, or let alone watch the music video, here it is. Izinku Pergi...enjoy! jangan habiskan satu box kleenex ya! :P

Song lyrics | Izinku Pergi lyrics


SBTVD said...

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aishah said...

i mmg suka giler lagu ni since i first heard it last year...hehe...

too bad he wasnt the one singing it during AJL...if not sure bleh menang...altho the song already won!

cool surprise for your mom you guys got her...hehe

harim hamdan said...

yeh...jes simple2 outing je for my mommy..heeheh...ada someone's bday is coming..i wonder who's dat is? :D lalallalalalala