Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lollipops & The Mega Sale

me and my girlfriend found this brand (lollipops) to be more unique, stylish and fun than other expensive-everyone-is-wearing-it brand.

the bags.....are to die for.

i had a crush on this little grey handbag which i can't remember the name. my girlfriend instead, has bought this cool military design bag.

lollipops is available at parkson in KLCC . im not sure of the stand alone boutique but i heard there are one in sunway. can't wait to got there myself.

i got myself a comfortable clog bedroom slipper from La Senza last weekend. it was on sale and as a true bargain hunter i always be, i grab the slipper in a blink of an eye. i don't want to repeat the same mistake i made on Zara's green stripes bag . i regretted that moment so much... when i decided to wait for my salary the next weekend to buy it. i should just have ring my dear sister for money. like i have never done that! and i regret it so much, even until now...the bag was already in my hand, and i stupidly put it on the shelf back. :(

mine is something like this only it is white and has a little raindeer on a bike design.

i like this one (above picture) too, but nak pakai bile...if the night is so cold, i guess i can wear it. there are lotsa designs at La Senza which got 60% off. check out KLCC outlet. im screaming everytime i enter the shop! yang paling tak tahan, the panties and bras...everything on sale!

Tangs at pavillion got hot items too. that warm morning, i drop by at pavillion after jogging for the JCo donut. well, my intention was to buy the delicious nasi lemak at bb plaza area but it was off on public holiday. so i decided to get the donuts. its hard to get the donut nowadays as you have to que for it for at least half an hour, so that morning, i bought one dozen of them for brunch. as i were passing Tangs to the carpark, i saw this further reduction sign on the display window. with the JCo plastic bag on my hand along with my big t-shirt, crumpy tudung and smelly workout pants, i make my way into Tangs...i know the security was looking at me. hey, a girl just have to do what she needs to do okaaayyy...the sales were awesome!

too bad, i can't really do some serious shopping at that moment. financial problem occurred. hopefully i can shop before the mega sale ends.

as usual, eat right, exercise regularly!

im off for now!


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