Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh oh no.....

getting ready for school. courtesy of my dear paparazzi LC :P

All my storyboards were rejected. darn.
so i have to spent my midterm break with ideas and new sketching..eli told me i have improved a lot in drawing..huhu..well, i guess so, so far i can draw without tracing, which means, i just google or see the object i want to draw in front of me and i draw..i'm not that gud but i guess i have improved a lot since beta, since the dictatorship of che mat!

any'ho, there's a new tv series in hollywood which i luv to death! there's Dirt, Lipstick Jungle and Aliens in America uploaded for free at torrent. keep the new episode coming guys! and what happen to Niptuck Season5, Greys Anatomy Season4 and Desperate Housewives Season 4?

For the first time, i have fulfill my duty as a Malaysian by voting for the country...huuhu..perasaan at that moment, while waiting in lines (no lines actually, i was the only voter at that time), taking the vote slip, go to the back of the small voting desk, and the moment i actually do my voting, pangkah memangkah, oh, that was indescribable. of course along the process, i couldn't stop smiling like kerang busuk..kekekkeek..macam bangga yang teramatlah, the person in charge in the room pun sengih je tengok aku tersengih..mesti dia tau aku virgin voter kot.huhu...the result of the election was unexpectable, although i'm quite glad that it turn out to be that way, at least, the government tertekan sikit kot, biar derang tau malaysian are brave to voice the other hand, im wondering, how would KL be if the opposition take over, how would malaysia be if we are rule by opposition, the rationale of what KL is right now is still irrelevant with oppositions.

fatihah told me the other day that there was this restaurant, and many of them actually, serves alive fish on the menu. with its head still alive, grasping for air, those uncivilize customers eat its cook fried body with pride. i hate them, i hate their guts! i can guess, the taste is just the same if the fish dead, so why bother to wrap its head while cooking its body! its disgusting and uncivilize. check out this video, you'll know how i feel then.

ida is selling her black jeans for RM40. brand new. she bought it and thought it doesn't look good on her when she tried it on. any takers?



Anonymous said...

hasanah: aik dah takde chatterbox? anyway. kan writers strike ari tu, so tv series byk yg tergendala. most of the tv shows akan on balik akhir april nanti (source: wikipedia). hehee.

harim hamdan said...

oooo...otey..chatterbox lama da gone with the wind.happy holiday anyways!

aishah said...

size ape eh?

harim hamdan said...

i think its L.. interested? :P

harim hamdan said...

owh, its 32 waist.