Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This Week Ration

Hello hello!

i had 4 days weekend holiday at home, which most of the days i spent go out for window shopping.

i bought 9 items for my ration this week which are:

(please ignore number 1 cause there's number 1 to be shown, mistakenly put in and is so lazy to edit it back at photoshop)
2. Downy Softener in Vanilla smell (i bought the trial pack just for the sake of the vanilla smell)
3. Oral B toothbrush (forgot which one but the one that can clear up all the plaque in your mouth)
4. My favorite Dove-Anti Dandruff shampoo (got a free dandruff lotion, which i thought was the conditioner at the first place)
5. First Choice Roti Gandum (the reason i choose this brand is because they were out of stock for Gardenia WholeMeal and was too afraid to eat High 5 brand due to bad reputation a few years ago)
6. Nutela Chocolate Spread (no reason, simply yummy on a bread, or left alone!)
7. Hot Chocolate
8. Giant Disponsable Razor (easily glide, simply disposable, extra hygiene that way!)
9. Giant Facial Cotton
10. Chipsmore Butterscotch

to date, i've used the toothbrush, which i think absolutely brilliant. the shape and how it reach ever corner in my mouth...nutela chocolate spread was simply delicious on the toasted bread this afternoon.

oh yeh, went to class as usual at 11am and installed everything i need in my pc after my bro format it last weekend. suddenly i felt sleepy and went to bed, and had this crazy dream...snoring until 6 or so, woke up and do other stuff after that.

ok lah, nk tido balik rasanye nih. tomorrow class is interesting cause mr ken called a few guys to give seminar on lighting and what not. nighty nite!


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