Friday, April 25, 2008

Kirana bags for sale!

im letting these two go for........
Handbag Thai Silk in orange. RM70.00 (before price is RM100)

Handbag Wool Flinstone. RM90 (before price is RM120)

never worn as i just purchased them yesterday, the tags even there!

feel free to contact me if your interested!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


my membuang masa buddies :D thanx a bunch girls!

our first submission of fyp was yesterday.
i was damn convince that i would finish it all by the most 2pm, instead i got drag away and made it to the studio just 8 minutes before the door closed. (yup, our lecturers got this thing about closing the door after submission hour, no one will be entertained,kau duduklah luar studio sampai lebam cam ne pun, dia tak kan bukak,tapi kalo pandai bodek, bule la kot :P )

anyways, things get so tense to me the night before submission as i realize that i hadn't finish spray mounting the labels/caption for my storyboard,shooting boards and vfx boards. because we need to present with two different ideas, so we must provide with two different ideas on each boards above, gedid? everything must times two lah..all together, i got 5 shooting boards, 4 storyboards and 2 vfx boards, still sgt susah nk siapkan semalam.

that's not all, the AV major student also need to provide the usual concept boards (2), strategy boards(1), script boards (2) and the best boards. luckily i did these boards before the crucial few days of submission. tapi tu lah, tak siap2 gak..huhu...

selalu, eli akan menjadi orang yang lambat hantar than me..but yesterday, she was an hour earlier, gud job girl!

with the boards submitted, insya allah, this would be the last time i do all the dirty sticking spray mounting, chopping the boards, cutting the labels, go printing with just enough money (hahaahah), blackout just when you're about to use the pc or printer a few hours before dateline, ape lagi, corrupted pc especially when you forgot to do some back up file and many more, as a student..

im sure will miss the endless night of staying up late until the next morning, sampai tak tido pun ada.

maybe when i go to working environment, i would have to do the same, but, there's just something missing, something gud missing, not a student anymore.

yes, student life is perfect.
for us to learn about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

so, the next project is the execution part.
my favorite part, go out, go shooting!! weeeeeee

*to them, jangan sedey lagi k, u guys did ur best, we still have the execution part, kick ass there aite!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Ken Lee

kak sha gave me this video...hilarious!
This lady auditioned for Bulgarian Idol, so she decided to sing Without You by Mariah Carey. or in her own language, Ken Lee by Mariah Carey...hhahhahahahaha....

laugh my ass off!


Tuesday, April 08, 2008


since i was a kid, most my friends, or friends of friends, would thought me as a boy, just to hear my masculine-like name, Harim. i was pretty offended by that. seldom i asked mama, why would they think that.later in my teens year, i understand that the name brings the unique part of me...and i realize that my name, represents myself, a unique, interesting person that is ready to come out to the world and kick ass!

as i grow up into this world, i learned so many things.
things that i understand, and some i just don't get it.

i have so many friends along the way.
for me , friends are not your collection item or some long list on friendster for the sake of being popular, but friends are worth more than that. they are those few who understand you even a little bit. some of who shares your ups and downs, and some of who just love being around you. some are just there to listens, and there are who wants to talk non stop..hahaha...and there are friends who come and go...

im thanking Allah for His mercy of blessing me with good friends all the way.
if you want me to list down my friends, i'm sure i could not complete it over night. but i know, they know who they are. thank you friends, for sharing me your wings, for helping me to grow, and for knowing me. and if i don't make it along our journey to achieve our dreams, remember you always have the best in me.

of course, to my family that i love dearly.
mama, for bringing me to the world, for feeding me with your soul, for raising me with your love, for saving me from drowning, i love you the most.

babah, although we are not close as some father and daughter would be, you always are my pride and soul.thank you for your blessing.

abang, my only abang is my mentor somehow. we had great childhood time, you always back me up in everything. and i luv u for that.

nanim, my only sister in this bank can make me sad and crash at times, but that just because you being you, budak cengih!, but when you open up your heart, you are the most vulnerable human being i've ever know me well, inside and out. thank u love.

my little nikki, watching you grow is one of the incredible thing that ever happen in my life. seriously, you were the cutest and beautiful baby in the world, and now you've become the most handsome form 1 student in SBU! :D you give me reasons to smiles. life is still a long way for you to understand dear. you will face with a lot of things, challenge you would never patient and remember God,mama and babah.i luv you niki niki tak!

maksu & family, thank u for your support after all this years.

teachers, thank you for you guidance and patients...

from the bottom of my humble heart, thank you all for your warm wishes, your smiles that lights up my world, your prayers and your loves :)

today, i have grown into a 25 years old woman with pink power to achieve her dreams and kick ass to the fullest in this world.
With great power comes great responsibility....hahahha....


smiling for more years to come..insya allah


p/s: more pictures of my cool bday party soon...

Sunday, April 06, 2008


okay, all this while i thought the title of the song was Semestinya, sang by Bunga Cinta Lestari (what a very beautiful and unique name) as she keeps repeating "semestinya" through out the verses and chorus...silly me! the titled is Ingkar :P

I'm addicted to it after i heard it sang harmonically and beautifully by these 3 girls whom auditioned for Gema 08 (Gema is a prestigious singing competition in MMU) they've made to the final (and now im not sure to go or not to go, the tix is RM15, quiet a lot of money at the mo', but i really wanna see the trio sang semestinya, ooppss i mean ingkar, RM15 just to see them sing and of course im not happy with the guest artiste which is Spider. i mean who on MMU wants to see Spider? tell me who?so, is my 15 bucks worth the show?)

Anyho' i still have a week to think about it..go go harim!

in other things in my life, as i were excitedly to go on for my first FYP shooting, Mr Ken told me he's not really please with my storyline. bummer, i said. i had to cancel the shooting i planned the next day of the accidentally consultation session. i had brainstorming ideas with my close friends after we had our stomach filled, and managed to come up with one storyline. later when i get back to my crib, i wrote another storyline, and now, im just waiting for Mr K's email. mintak2 lah dia kate proceed.amin.

i could not copy pictures from my phone to the pc.
tak tau kenapa.
something something wrong here and there.

there goes the mega sales. PTPTN WTF IHU GBMMUT (sgt marah!)

ok, its almost 4am and i should get my sleep as me and ida is on for power walk tomorrow morning.

night night everyone.
sleep tight.
don't let the bed bug's bite.

lullaby away,

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Bday Mama!

you are my inspiration, always...happy bday mama!

My mom turns 52 on 30th Mac 08.

as you know, I'm quiet become a Ms-Suprise-Bday-Party lately, so i did a surprise for my mom too. Well it wasn't a planned one, everything just fell into places a few days before her bday. She knew I'm not coming home that weekend, so on the Sunday morning, before i get home, I bought her a bday cake.

The cake that i had in my mind was something sour but sweet, so the peach cream low fat cake from secret recipe was the best choice! she liked it even after that!

Mama was at the kitchen when i got home, slowly i tipped toe to my room, and burned the candles on the cake and we (baiti, niki and abang) went to the kitchen and "SUPEEERISEEEEE!!!!" huhu...boy, she was grinning sampai telinga! we sang her the bday song, and she blows the candle and we ate bday cake for bfast that morning!

but for hadiah, sorry la mama, kene later2... :P

Later that noon, we went to Canadian Pizza at TTDI for bday luncheon sponsored by dear sister, baiti. not bad at all! we ordered a large size of meat lover and Hawaiian chicken,the garlic bread sangat banyak for 5 pax! and got lasagna + chicken wings + drinks (2 big bottles). if you haven't eat Canadian Pizza yet, you'll be surprise by the "Large Size" they are offering cause its, really really large. sangat puas hati makan.

afterwards, we did some last minute shopping for my little cousin bday party at her home in Selayang. we crashed at the party until about 8pm or so and head to Starbucks Alpha Angle later with stomach full of chicken rice, and lasagna some more (bleerghh) from the bday party.

baiti had this starbucks coffee beans where you can purchase this pack of beans at any starbucks outlets and
SUPPOSEDLY you can bring the beans to any starbucks outlets for them to grain you the beans and make you a cup of coffee out from your own purchased bean for free. tapi lain pulak cerita bile pegi kat starbuck alpha angle.
they told us, the beans can only be grain at the outlet for home usage. and bukan diorang yang buatkan kopi from the beans...we were like "WTF??!!" maksu terus order our drinks dengan perasaan tak puas hatinye because the staff gave her a look yang sangat annoying.

baiti pun sms sms lah kawan dia yg ada keje kat starbucks and they said, mimang buleh buat coffee kat outlet tuh, the staff maybe too lazy to buat it. plus, bukan kami tak penah pegi suruh orang starbucks tu buat coffee with our beans tu, pernah, a few times gak, buat je derang.

so, orang starbucks alpha angle, nasib la korang lepas ni ngan orang atasan korang, we did report already. now who has the last laugh now? ....muahahahahahahahaha XD ...........

mama pun nk pose cm kami weee :D

btw, im not feeling well so i cannot donate blood :(


dah besar da adik2 sepupu aku nih :)